AC200MAX will not charge with PV200 Solar Panels

Multiple attempts to charge the recently received AC200MAx using PV200 panels. Have tried all connected correctly in series and individually but always beeps and gives 030 Calibration Failure code.

Have reset and retried too many times to count, even while on the phone with Bluetti Tech, Victor. He was stumped. Said he was going to look into it and get back to me in 30 minutes but never did.

Someone indicated I should try updating the firmware but I haven’t been able to figure out how to, yet.

This is what I did, I took a Volt meter and measure the incoming voltage. If voltage is there, then you may have the wires reversed. The input + from the solar panel goes to the + cable to the AC200max. It is confusing with 4 input plugs. It is just a thought.

Thanks for your reply.

The way the male and female plugs are assembled there is only one way to complete the connection. So unless it is another factory error is is likely a firmware issue…which I cannot get instructions for updating.

Here is another trick that I found if you have a Volt meter. The other two plugs on the AC200max cable is parallel with the two plugs that you are using. So I connected my volt meter to the other two plugs and got 56 volts. Try it if you can.

Sorry, this trick only works on the EP500. But is could work if you have a “Y” cables to connect between the solar panel and the AC200Max.

Hi @AC200MAXowner88,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Please update your unit according to the following steps.

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