AC200MAX switches off AC unasked; in 'ECO-off' mode

The Eco is off when this problem arises.
The battery is near-full or full.
There are different loads during the day: freezer always connected, sometimes light bulb, radio, microwave, cooking plate (no high loads, within 2000W range), bread baker, water cooker… It seems to happen when a few low-Watt devices are connected together during a longer period of time with nothing-special happening: mostly fridge and freezer always, 2 laptops, radio. So no high load and not a special low load.

@Helene_Wolf If the ECO is ON, that makes sense. As I said, if the AC load is lower than 50W for 4 hours, the AC will be switched off automatically.

Excuse me, I wrote the wrong thing: the ECO-mode is OFF (corrected this in my last post), as said at the beginning of these posts.
The load is on-and-off going between near 0 to 120W in general. These loads differ a few times during an hour, never for 4 hours less than 50W.

@Helene_Wolf It doesn’t matter. I will check with the tech team. If there is any update, I will get back to you ASAP.

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Thank you, that is nice.

@Helene_Wolf The tech team replied that you can load other devices with a higher power to check if this situation appears or restart the AC200MAX. If the AC still be cut off in this way, the AC200MAX maybe defective.

Thanks for the information of the tech team. Today the situation took place, probably when the unit and two B300 batteries reached 100%; we were not at home. The freezer went from -19°C to -6°C. It seemed as if the unit itself had shut down (the green start-button no longer green). Because I hadn’t had the chance to inform my husband, he restarted as ususal without putting a higher load on the unit. I’ll keep you posted; there’s a big chance this happens again soon. (we’ll put temporarily the freezer at -25 to have more margin)

@Helene_Wolf Thanks for your update.

Other than there being no apparent error message, this sounds a lot like a common problem with the EB3A as discussed in this thread.

There are some similarities with the EB3A overload under low load situation. But the EB3A would display an overload error on the screen (when it clearly should not be overloaded). Interestingly, the EB3A probably only occurs to some unit. 2 of my 3 units have the problem, my brother’s had it, but my dad’s OK. So just about 50/50.

@snowstorm Thanks, that could be spot on. It happens when the unit gets at 100% with overload (921W) and has a non-changing rather low output (but still 100W). There’s never an error on the screen. The last days we have prevented the unit from reaching 100% (which won’t be possible at all times), and it doesn’t happen anymore, even with 900W in. The other unit doesn’t has it at the moment, but we won’t test its limits. It makes things a little more complicated with the fridges in hot sunny weather, and having to discharge a lot, which it isn’t supposed to. This could give some trouble in wintertime when having a full-100% Bluetti is very useful.
Did you or your brother found a work-around?

@Glenn1963 Thanks for your message. I’ve read the thread and it seems similar, except that AC also shuts down at night, when there’s no new input. This hasn’t been an issue, not even once, last autumn, winter and spring. I’ll take contact with the company who sold the AC200MAX to return the module and let it repair.

@BLUETTI_CARE Meanwhile we had daily shutdowns of AC-power. A higher power from continuously 120W output seems to be a bit of help, but it also shows that the module is defective. I’ll send it back to the company who sold it to let it repair. Otherwise it’s a powerful AC200MAX of which I have no complaints.

@Helene_Wolf I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused you. I hope the problem can be solved in this way.

With ECO Mode On, after 4 hrs, if the load power remains less than 50 Watts, the AC will turn off :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:.

The 50 Watts, Is this Active or Real Power load :man_shrugging::man_shrugging: or Apparent Power Load :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:.

We need to be careful of what Power we are discussing :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:. Active or Real Power, or Apparent Power displayed on the screen or the app :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:

@bluetti_iamrouelfmaccom The title says ECO Mode Off

Yes, I see how my reply can be confusing, … was trying to make the point that We need to be careful of what Power we are discussing, Active or Real Power, or Apparent Power. The AC200MAX display on the screen or the app shows a power, Watts, but that is Apparent Power, is not the Active, or Real, or True Power. Have used a Kill-A-Watt meter to measure the Active or Real Power.

bluetti_iamrouelfmaccom Hi, I understand the distinction between the different sorts of power (Real or Active versus Apparent), and in some cases it might be important to know, especially when using the unit in Eco mode.

I have no Kill-A-Watt meter at home, but

  1. in ECO Mode OFF the unit should still not switch off the AC-power;
  2. I doubt that a freezer and a fridge (and sometimes other devices) would work at less than 50W during 4 hours, but this is unimportant in combination with the Eco Mode Off;
  3. if the freezer can come down in less than a daytime (8 hours) from -19°C to -6°C, it means it needs at least a constant supply of electricity to obtain its temperature -it isn’t very performant thermic-isolation-wise, which must be more than 50W (and + fridge who consumes on and off 80W, as is also mentioned on the label in the fridge).

I have the exact same issue on my AC180. The AC keeps shutting off…please help!

  • I have disabled ECO mode
  • I have performed all the firmware upgrades
  • The AC180 has no error msgs, it just shuts off.
  • When it shuts of it’s off completely, no AC, DC, and no Bluetooth app connection
  • When I power it back on it works fine.

@martydart Kindly check the reply on your post My new AC180 keeps turning completely off even though ECO mode is disabled for AC - #3 by BLUETTI_CARE.

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