AC200MAX high AC power!

Hello, i use the AC200MAX to power my desktop pc but when i put my pc to sleep the AC power is 130w but the real power is only 5-7w can you fix this problem?

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is your power brick for the PC consuming 130 watts but only 7 watts is being used by the PC and the rest wasted as heat in the pc power brick?

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No, i have measure the desktop psu cable and the real power that consumes is around 5-7w but when i use the power station AC plug on the screen shows 130w power consumtion with only this cable pluged in.

the AC200MAX displays the power as apparent power (VA).
However, your meter measures active power (W).
Apparent power VA = real power W + reactive power Var
Your PC power supply has about 125W Var reactive power.
Reactive power is not counted as power consumption,
but every generator outputs its power as apparent power VA.
With the AC200MAX everything is OK…

But the inverter fans start and stop every 5 minutes and the battery discharge like 130w.

Apparent power VA 130W = real power W 5W + reactive power Var 125W

@Koumkouat The AC200MAX displays the power as apparent power. The start of the fan is related to the load and duration of the load power and the temperature.

Actually, Apparent Power is not the result of simply adding Real or True or Active Power + Reactive Power (from devises / appliances) :tipping_hand_man:. One must use the Power Triangle :tipping_hand_man:

Ok understand and thanks for the info guys, i have one more question the XT90 -F to MC4 adapter cables get hot with only 430w sollar power is there any better adapter to buy?

  1. How are solar panels connected, series, or parallel, or combination ??

The way it works:

You may connect solar panels in Series, or Parallel, or Combinations :tipping_hand_man:. Understand the current (Amp) and voltage that occur for the various connections to stay within the specs of the solar components :tipping_hand_man:

Consider how you want to connect solar panels:
— panels series, then add volts from each panal, then current is that of a single panel (if all panels are the same).
— panels Parallel, then add amps from each panel, then the voltage is that of a single panel (if all panels are the same).
— do a combination of series and Parallel (xSyP configuration = x panels in Series & y [xS combinations] in Parallel. Use the above to determine voltages and currents.

Always mind & Always mind the current (amps) ratings of your wires, it is referred as the AWG of the wires, high currents in improper rated wires can heat wires very very hot, hence fires :fire::hot_face::exploding_head:. Use properly rated fuses and resetable fuse circuit breakers :tipping_hand_man::+1:

In series, we have high Volts, low current, Amps.
In parallel, we have high current, Amos, low Volts.

  1. IMHO, I think the XT90 to MC4 cable is a bit small in current carrying capacity, I think it is a 14 AWG cable. I would try to find an AWG 12 or 10. On Amazon found an XT60 to MC4 cable with AWG 12 wires, but then you must get an XT60 to XT90 conversion, and make sure it has the correct male/female to connect to the Aviation plug to XT90. Should probably check with Bluetti Technical, they may have it, but was not able to the AWG of the wires on my research.

This is the panel and it’s only one!

It’s normal that the XT90 to MC4 cable adapter may get a bit warm but it is designed and has been tested to support up to the full 15A draw of the AC200Max so you shouldn’t need to replace it.

While it might be close to the upper threshold, I haven’t heard of any cases on this forum or the Facebook group where the XT90 → MC4 cable has melted or failed. I personally pushed the max 15a through this cable for 2 hours straight and while it got a bit warm, it was never too hot to touch so I think it’s fine. Of course, a lower gauge wire like 10 AWG wouldn’t hurt but the cable provided seems adequate and does the job.

Ouch, hate to start a disagreement in a forum. But I cannot agree, wires warming up can be dangerous. Never, never get flowing Amps near the max amp carrying capacity of electrical wires. Study the Ampacity in the AWG standards for amp carrying capacities.
If the AC200MAX, XT90 to MC4 is really AWG 14, then max Amp capacity is 15 Amps, the wires will get hot if amps approach 15 Amps. Very, very bad. :hot_face::fire:. When wires get warm resistance in the wire increases, then wires get warmer, Connections at the end if the wires get warm, and resistance increases, higher resistances higher warmings, till … Possible damage, and :hot_face::fire:.
We need Bluetti to step in on this, let’s not give bad advice, … If am wrong here, so be it, … And or Bluetti, fix the AWG wire for the XT90 to MC4 cable to AWG 10.

Wow, great job measuring PV Current, Amps as a function of time, into Power Station, someday would like to do.
My apologies, but have to challenge wires getting warm when carrying amps:
SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY, … it is never acceptable for current carrying wires to get warm / hot, … SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY !!
Probably should use a resettable circuit breaker fuse, 15 amp, for AWG 14 wires, if the Bluetti XT90 to MC4 cable is indeed AWG 14.

The aviation cable is also warm not so much like the red and black cable but i can feel the temp when i touch, so is there any better cables to buy?

With some search i found some cables but all is the same 14AWG cable!

After lots of reading on the internet, will soften my stand on AWG 14 wires carrying up to 15 Amps DC. But for my self, will stay well below the Max AWG Ampacity of wires. No wire warming for me.
My apologies, for all the noise have created here on the safety of warming wires by maximum 15 Amp on AWG 14 gauge wires.

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Note: the middle one, specs says not compatible with AC200MAX:
Solar Connector To 2 Pin Power Industrial Circular Connectors Adapter Connect Solar Panel Charge Perfectly Compatible with Portable Power Station AC200P Not suitable “AC200MAX”.
Only the last one is compatible with the AC200MAX.

If the aviation cable is a 30A cable, it should not warm up with 15 Amp of current :man_shrugging::man_shrugging: