AC200MAX Firmware Update safe now?

Just wanted to confirm from BLUETTI given the recent posts is the firmware update for the AC200MAX safe now and will now not “brick” the unit meaning it has to be sent back to BLUETTI to fix the issue ?

If you could confirm and provide details how to update safely.

Also what is in the latest firmware update, as most providers give a list of the history of firmware updates, their content and which is the latest version on their website ?


I guess you will never get an answer from Bleutti.


Do not update firmware using the iPhone app version 1.3.4. This was the app version that caused many firmware update failures. The admins said that a new version of the app has been made but that it was delayed by Apple Inc. in their app store.

A firmware update, like a BIOS update on a computer is always a bit risky. It basically rewrites the “brain” of the unit. And when that fails for whatever reason, it may be bricked and in need of a flash chip reprogramming at the factory or a service center. I work as PC system administrator and I’ve seen it happen several times to PC motherboard BIOSes.

So if your device works fine and you are in critical need of a working unit (Powering critical medical devices, or if your Bluetti is your only power source) consider updating your firmware at a later time when you are no longer in critical need for it. Also, if you’re in Ukraine or any other country where shipping back the unit is extra hard, I would also wait with firmware updates until getting service is easier.


I have been affected by the firmware update fiasco. The only solution seemingly available right now is to have an Android device with the Bluetti app updated to version 1.3.5. I only have iOS devices, and the latest version in the Apple App Store right now is 1.3.4, which is what caused the failed firmware update and “bricking” the unit. Here is the link to the other thread: AC200MAX failed BMS firmware update error 034

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How do i start a post anyone help?

The Apple App Store now has the updated Bluetti App version 1.3.5. Unfortunately, the iOS update did not solve the firmware upgrade issue, as I am still having 034 BMS Communication Error after updating my Bluetti App to version 1.3.5, clearing the Bluetti App cache, and attempting BMS firmware upgrade. The Bluetti App will show the BMS Upgrade progress bar momentarily flash to 100% as it downloads 514.88Kb of data and then hang indefinitely at 0% with the AC200MAX unit beeping approximately 45 seconds into the firmware update process. After attempting this several times without success, I am concluding that upgrading the Bluetti App to version 1.3.5 does not solve the 034 BMS firmware update problem, at least for my iPhone 14 Pro Max running iOS 16.1.2, which is the most updated iOS version presently. Please let me know if there are any firmware upgrade success stories from iPhone users out there.

I received mine December 17th but did not open it until the 25th. Christmas present to myself. Upgraded firmware a few hours later and bricked it. I was able to get an RMA and return it. And received a full refund today to my cc. While the whole process was frustrating Bluetti did do the right thing in a reasonable timeframe. Now, with the slate clean I’m considering ordering anther one.

if I had to pick again, i’d go with ecoflow…even though more costly. They are just more reliable and their customer service actually exists :slight_smile:

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just checking back after a week to see if there is any update ?

I now have the 1.3.5 IOS client and wanted to confirm it is safe to use and the latest firmware update for the AC200MAX is now also safe to use ?

If you could confirm, thanks.

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Could you confirm which version of the BLUETTI iOS app to use and that the AC200MAX firmware is now safe to upgrade.

Also is there a list of which is the latest firmware version and what the changes are with each version.


I would also like to know what’s in the new firmware but no one seems to know the answer on Facebook

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Are the AC200MAX firmware updates safe now and what does the latest firmware update actually fix or change ?

I asked a friend who had a spare Android phone to help fix my “bricked” AC200Max unit after failed firmware upgrade. We downloaded and opened the Bluetti app (Android version 1.3.7), signed into my Bluetti account, found the “bricked” AC200Max unit via Bluetooth, and attempted BMS firmware upgrade under settings from version 0 to 1017.03. It took several failed attempts (with us doing combination of clearing the app’s cache and resetting the unit, which may or may not have been necessary) before the upgrade progress bar started to show eventual progress to 100%. For debugging purposes, it would have been nice to have some kind of log file to check why there were ongoing failures during firmware upgrade attempts. To my best knowledge, the iOS version 1.3.5 of the Bluetti app did not fix the firmware upgrade issue. Even the Android version 1.3.7 of the Bluetti app is not all that reliable, which makes me hesitant on future firmware upgrades.

I’m very sorry, but since I’m not a professional firmware engineer, I can’t answer what exactly the firmware update fixed for you. If your machine is working without problems, there is no need for a firmware update.

Thanks for the reply are the firmware updates safe to use now ?

But, how would we know if our systems are working properly? There are no logs or other statistics.
I’ve personally had issues that i worked with firmware engineers on to fix (related to the unit not accepting the right power), but I needed to spend a month gathering statistics to figure out an issue was even present.

Bugs like this will not be obvious to most users, and i’m assuming i was the first one to find that specific issue. But, new firmware will fix issues like this one for everyone.

So, firmware updates are useful whn bugs are fixed unawares.

I don’t think it’s helpful to say “don’t update firmware” unless “something is wrong”,since Bluetti won’t take the time to put out firmware, unless it fixes something,

If there’s a firmware available, it will have a purpose that benefits everyone’s systems, or time wouldn’t be spent making it.

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shitty product with the same and un esisting support.
Will never buy anything from them, as stated above - I’d rather go with EcoFlow.

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I tried updating the firmware with my iPhone using app version 1.3.7. Update failed and wiped out existing BMS. Ordered a used Android phone from eBay and tried again and this time it worked. So the IOS app is faulty. I will be sending a bill to Bluetti for the cost of that Android phone.

:frowning: ood to know.
But good luck getting them to pay for it! :(
It’s hard enough to just get an email or chat reply, after a week or a few weeks even.
Yes, the app has many problems.

The IOS app would shutdown bluetooth communication part way through the process and leave you in never-never land. I was worried the unit had been bricked and I would have to ship it back to Bluetti. Wasn’t looking forward to hauling that beast out of the basement. So I tried what Stevehfung did a few posts back. Didn’t know anybody with an Android device so turned to eBay. To their credit Bluetti did kick in the equivalent in Bluetti Bucks to use against a future purchase.