AC200MAX display suddenly full brightness and beeps constantly

The display on my AC200MAX is suddenly bright and beeps all the time.
It can still be operated, but it needs to be set correctly again.
You can only get rid of the beeping if you switch off the AC200Max completely.

The whole thing has been repeating itself every day or week recently.

Is there perhaps a firmware update for this error?


EU - German Version
Ser Nr. 2226000689171
DSP 4005.08
ARM 4008.03
BMS 1017.05
HWI 6037.03

While waiting for a solution from Bluetti, I imagine you’ve tried setting “touch sound” to “off” in the configuration menu?

A reboot has solved most of my touchscreen glitches on my AC500. You’ll have to unplug solar panels and turn off AC output. Power down and back up again, then reconnect everything.

Rebooting also corrects bluetooth connection problems. Once every couple of months it will work one minute then not connect the next. Reboot.

Hi @jockel66, We would like to understand more about the specific situation. Is the AC200MAX showing any error codes? Please provide the error codes if there are any. Additionally, could you record a video for us? This will help us identify the cause of the issue.

@Snips1 and @St8kout 's suggestions are also very helpful, please try them and see if they work.

yes I know how to reset the error, it’s not the first time that the display has gone crazy.
No, there are no error messages.

I have also had the problem that I can no longer operate the display.
See this link, almost the same problem.