AC200L: PV relay click

My AC200L starts to click periodically under low light PV situations. This seems to happen around 10V. I blieve this is the MPPT charger trying to enable the PV input but fails due to low voltage conditions. This happens in the morning and evening hours when the sun is raising or close to dawn. Two days ago there was a DSP update but it did not change this behavior.

S/N: AC200L2402002047741
IOT: v9041,06
ARM: v2131,04
DSP: v2130,09

@ftrueck DSP v2130,10 will reduce relay switching frequency. I will send the firmware update for you to test.


I have the same issue.

The update seemed to improve the situation. The clicking is still there but the time period in total is much shorter. Maybe over time the developer finds a solution that is even better, but for now I am thankful for the help.

Post your serial number and your dsp version. I think you could get the update also then.

AC200L2352000254639 Is the sn
Dsp is v2098.10

@ryanyoder The firmware will be sent in 12 hours.

Cool thanks a lot . I’ll try it out

Could I also please have this update sent. I have the same consistent relay click from PV under low light.

DSP v2130.09

That must be what I occasionally hear, but it’s random during the day. Not really a constant problem though.
Sounds like when I plug/unplug my AC500 into the wall outlet, (I normally leave it unplugged.)

@bluetti_infojuststunningcomau The firmware will be sent in 12 hours.

@BLUETTI_CARE, may I also please receive this update? I have the same issue, though I’ve only noticed it at dusk.
DSP v2098.09

Oops. Realised this afternoon that I’d been connecting via Wi-Fi, and so hadn’t seen the available updates. Have now updated, fingers crossed that solves the issue!

Could anyone confirm whether the firmware update discussed above has solved their relay clicking? My AC200L is fully up-to-date now, but the relay is behaving as before. @BLUETTI_CARE Any help would be appreciated! As I mentioned in another thread, that relay is cycling on and off somewhere between 300 and 600 times a day at present. At this rate, it’ll come to the end of its design life sometime around Christmas.

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Which DSP Version do you have now?

Currently DSP v2098.10, with nothing showing as available via the bluetooth ‘upgrade’ screen.

This is the current latest version.
In my case the relay clicking got improved a lot.

Just to be sure:

  • your DC input source is set to PV?
  • did you try to disconnect and reconnect the PV cable?
  • the PV is connected directly to the AC200L without anything in between?
  • did you try to switch off and on the AC200L?

And for curiosity: What type of panel and how many and in which configuration do you use?

Yes to all.
Nothing exotic about the panel setup, two of these in series:
I’ve a model for the Japanese market, so we may not be in quite the same boat. I note there’s an AC 200 PL owner who’s started a thread after running into the same issue.