AC200L not staying in parallel with B300, Resolved, working fine now

The AC200L shows my two B300 batteries while charging on the upper left hand screen and in the app, but as soon as I stop charging the “Battery Parallel” indicator in the app and the icons on the display shut off. The battery percentage goes up the correct amount when batteries are connected, but the “time til empty” display does not move ? When I put a load on the system, the AC200L battery discharges, and the two B300 batteries stay at 100 % in standby mode. The AC200L shuts off with depleted battery while connected to two 100 % full B300 batteries.

The AC200L firmware has been updated to the latest version. I have tried to update the battery firmware through the AC200L, but all I get is a “New Version Available” message with no way to actually install the update. I did manage to upgrade firmware on one battery with my AC300, both batteries are up to date now per the AC300.

Both of these batteries work fine with my AC200max and AC300. Anyone have any ideas ?

@jhous May I have the SN and the BMS version of your AC200L so I can check more details?

Hi, here is a screenshot of the AC200L BMS update screen and the screen I get when I try to update the batteries. Thank you

@jhous The firmware is the latest one. It seems that AC200L does not recognize the battery pack.
Please check your connection steps: with both the machine and battery pack turned off, plug in the connection cable (lock entirely), press the power button of the machine or battery pack until the light turns on, and the entire system is turned on at the same time.

I started the system the way you said above, still no luck. The battery parallel indicator is only on when charging from solar or ac. I have tried to connect just one battery at a time and get the same results.

I am running the batteries on my AC200max now with no problems.

@jhous Thanks for the information. I will check with the technician. If there is any update, I will let you know.

@jhous Could you please also provide the BMS version of the B300? Thank you.

Here is the information for the 2 B300 batteries. As I mentioned above, if I click on the “Check For Update” button while connected to AC200L I get a screen that says “New Version Available”, but with no way to download or install, see pic above. When connected to AC300 it says batteries are up to date. The AC200max has no option to check battery firmware that I can see.

@jhous Thanks for your information. The R&D department is confirming and trying to solve the problem. If I get any update, I will let you know ASAP.

@jhous I got an update. The B300 version of the software is incompatible with the AC200L. We can push new firmware to your battery packs to try. Please note that both battery packs must be upgraded one by one (when upgrading one battery pack, be sure to disconnect the other battery pack). Please confirm and we will push the firmware for you.

OK, that would be great. What do I need to do to receive the upgrade. I have the AC200L turned on with one battery connected, and it is connected to my wifi. Thanks for your help.

@jhous We will push the firmware for you in 6 hours. In addition, please log in with your account and connect with Bluetooth to update the firmware.

Hi, I did not receive the firmware update yet, were you able to push it ? Is it coming to my phone, or directly to the AC200L ?

@jhous Please check the steps below:

That did not work. I tried logging out of my account and logging back in. I tried it with both of our AC200L units and both of our B300 batteries. Still getting the same results that I reported above, see pics.

@jhous Please click Blue version to check.

I already did that, that’s how I got the “New Version Available” message shown in my other messages. I tried it again this morning, still does not work…

I can’t be the only person trying to use B300 batteries that they already own from other Bluetti power stations. Seems the AC200L, or the app is not ready for prime time yet… What is the time limit, and is there any cost to return one or both of my AC200L units ?

@jhous We did a test and the firmware upgrade was successful. You can check the video: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

  1. According to your description above, it seems that you connect AC200L with both B300s, please check again.
  1. Make sure the APP is the latest version.

If you still can’t update the firmware, could you please take a short video for me so I can check more details?

there will be AC200L, eu version?

@aristotel Yes. It is estimated that the AC200L EU version will be sold in March 2024.