AC200 charging from auto

Would like to charge my AC200 from the vehicle electric 12v system. Is it possible to connect fused link from vehicle battery to the solar panel input connection or is there another way to this?

The car charge mode (cord supplied when unit was bought) uses a cord that is connected to the DC input (aviation port) connection. You will see a little over 100 watts of charging and “car” must be selected in the settings screen. If you want to connect to your vehicles battery directly the easiest way is to connect via a cable terminating with an XT90 connector which will then connect to your aviation input cable.

If you are looking for higher charge rates you will need to input 24 volts (car mode) or bump up to 36 volts (PV mode) or higher to increase the watts.

Scott thanks for the information. As vehicle only charges at 14-16 bolts from alternator not sure selecting higher voltage would do any good. My Highlander has a 110 volt 100 watt max. conventional charge plug that I can/will try, but would like to pull a few more amps. When plugged into 110 volt wall socket it pulls 385 watts max. I do notice the last 20% of charge happens rather quickly.

You did not mention connecting to your on board DC to AC 100 watt inverter on your Highlander. But… since your Highlander outputs 100 watts and your AC charging brick will use about 450 to 500 watts there is no way you will power that with only a 100 watt AC inverter. The only way you are going to receive more charging watts (amps) is to have a device that can raise the voltage to either 24 volts DC or 36 Volts DC or higher or have an on board AC inverter that is around a 1,000 watt capacity to handle the constant load of about 500 watts from the charging brick. Many vehicles have alternators that are not capable of powering the needed amps at 12 volts to power that size of inverter.

This topic below shows how a 12 to 48 volt step up converter can get you about 475 watts of charging power but takes a fair amount of do it yourself knowledge in order for it to work successfully over the long haul.

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See my post about a 500 Watt 12VDC to DC converter: