AC180P turns off and unnecessary noise

Hello! I have two problems with my new AC180P:

  1. After first charge to 100% and after loss wall power - ac180p turned off and I was only able to turn it on manually after a few seconds.

  2. The starting of the fan is work on temperature up and revs up (and noice up), but not work when the internal temperature drops (cold air comes out), but after turn off and turn on ac180p noise gone for few hours

  • my usage:
    dc: off
    ac on: 15-50W usage
    room temperature: 22-24°C (71-75°F)

  • my config in bluetti app:
    Charging Mode: Silent
    Power Lifting: Off
    ECO: AC-Off DC-Off
    Auto Sleep: Never
    AC Output Frequency: 50Hz
    Grid Self-adaptation: Off

  • About device
    SN: AC180P2349002018775
    ARM: v2089.02
    DSP: v2088.02
    BMS: v1039.01

  • Errors
    error check shows: E033 E000
    in user manual E033 is PV overvoltage, but its a new device and I not use PV input

@BLUETTI @BLUETTI_CARE, can you help me?

Today I had two shutdowns at 100% and wall connected in UPS mode. After the second shutdown I received error e092.

The second problem with noise reproduces only when the wall power is turned off

@Grigoriy Please update the new firmware to test. Looking forward to your update.

After update problems gone and now it is all ok, thanks!

Have same issues with my new ac180p.

25-30w load and power station make some buzz noise and low fan speed sound. Sometimes fan can start on maximum with same 25-30w load. After off/on station stay silent.

SN: AC180P2342000156537

ARM: v2089.02
DSP: v2088.02
BMS: v1039.01

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Same problem, same behaviour, but with .04 firmware. Fans are too loud (probably their maximum speed). My case - just MacBook (20-50w), dc port, without charging.

@BLUETTI_CARE likely global issue

ARM: 2089.02
DSP: 2088.04
BMS: 1039.01

I have the same problem as Grigoriy my Bluetti AC180P turns off when the mains power goes out. and increasing fan speed at normal temperature.
Please send me the updated firmware.
S/N AC180P 2342000823906

@BLUETTI_CARE same problem here, all like Mihalych19 said