AC180P. Bluetooth authentification or disabling Bluetooth

I just bought AC180P and I’m very disappointed that access via Bluetooth is completely insecure. Anyone can connect to the station and switch parameters, and outputs or even turn it off. Every time I switch it on I should pair it with my phone to protect it. What should I do when I’m not at home? Why there is no password? Why autodiscovery is still on when I connected the station to the account? Is there any option to disable Bluetooth by pressing buttons on the station? This station is completely unusable as backup power with this flaw.


A little dramatic saying it is completely unusable. Check out the manual for bluetooth off settings

There is nothing about disabling Bluetooth in the manual. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be posting.

I think there is a sequence of buttons to push that gives you basic options to turn on and off features. I may be mistaken and that may have started on a newer series but think it began with the 180. Anyone know for sure and if so what the button press sequence is?

In the newest models like AC70P. But they can add this option via firmware update. I searched through a forum and discovered that people posted about this issue a year ago about AC180. It’s a real problem. Many people live in apartment buildings where many neighbors are around. So anyone can switch your device off when you are not at home.

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Try pressing the AC and DC buttons at the same time, this allows access to a menu on certain Bluetti models. And navigate with the dc buttons…(or AC ?) I don’t know more and I don’t know if it works for the AC180p. If it works, this is at your own risk!!!

@SerK Currently, AC2A/AC70/AC200L/AC240 can turn off Bluetooth through button operation. But I’m sorry that AC180P cannot turn off Bluetooth. I will submit your requirements to the R&D department.

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@BLUETTI_CARE I believe you can add this via firmware update. This will be a huge improvement. You lose customers because of this flaw as information about it spreads on the Internet.

In desperation, you have the following workaround: recycle your previous smartphone (or Android tablet…), install the Bluetti app, launch it and connect it to your AC180p via Bluetooth, and don’t close the Bluetti app. This way, no one else will be able to connect to your Bluetti.

Ps and if you have WiFi or lte network, you can even supervise (with teamviewer) your Bluetti from another country!

@Snips1 I thought about it yesterday but this is a stupid solution and it’s inconvenient. You need to charge your phone, to connect Bluetooth. And when you turn the unit off and on you need to pair it again. The simplest solution for the customer is to send the unit back to the shop and buy another brand that doesn’t have this issue. This problem can be resolved by the manufacturer by updating firmware and adding some button combinations to disable Bluetooth. Like they did for the AC70P.

Indeed !
I hope they can do something for the ac180p.

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@SerK I confirmed with the corresponding department, currently this problem cannot be solved via firmware update. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

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@BLUETTI_CARE Thanks for the reply. But can I have some clarification? This problem can be solved but the firmware isn’t ready yet, but they working on it? Or this problem can be solved but the firmware isn’t ready yet, and they don’t work on it? Or this problem can’t be solved because of hardware limitations?
Maybe the software team can solve this problem for the time when firmware will be ready? For example, to block the station appearing in the app in Offline mode if the station is already locked to the account? It’s the simplest way. The app checks the station serial number and if the station with this number is already locked to a different Online account the app doesn’t show it in Offline mode. This can be an option for people who need it with the possibility to disable it in Settings.

@SerK This problem can’t be solved because of hardware limitations currently. Subsequent production batches will pay attention to this issue.

Bluetti AC180 power station - teardown and quick test - YouTube
It doesn’t seem obvious, when you watch the video, that you can easily remove the bluetooth antenna or the bluetooth card inside (I didn’t see them, all fit on the 12V motherboard).
PS general remark: of course, this is an educational video, but you mustn’t open the station, as it could be dangerous, given the DC current levels involved, and it would void the warranty.

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I will stand by my previous statement regarding being a little dramatic

AC200PL has this function as well I believe, I’ve read its manual.
I got AC180P too couple of days ago and it breaks my heart honestly, such a stupid oversight by a large company. And it’s not like AC180/180P is your first production model and you are testing the waters.
I can still return it legally, but competitors offer worse capacity for the price in my country and I don’t have money for AC200L/200PL yet.
I live in the apartment building so I just hope my neighbors don’t know about this hole or they’re mature enough and won’t fry my PC by enabling powerlifting mode or changing frequency.

@VSM Yep, I feel your pain — same situation. What is really sucks that they can fix this problem for the AC180P series by disabling important controls in the app such as the frequency or switches in offline mode for unlinked devices. It’s not a big deal actually, because you always can do it by pressing buttons on the device. And changing frequency is a one-time operation that can be done without the app. They don’t understand that most of the people in Europe live in multiapartment buildings where many neighbors are around and not always good ones.

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