AC180 does not allow standard and turbo charge from generator

I am seeing the same issue on a Honda 3000is generator, pure sine wave. It worked well until it drew a lot of power from a pump, and now charging is wonky.

More details:

If there is less than ~200W of load on the system charging is fine. If there is more, charging fluctuates between 400w and 1.1Kw.

I can reproduce this deterministically even after performing a hard reset on the unit by holding down the power switch for many seconds.

It looks like a bug in the DSP firmware.
Serial # 2316002362014
ARM firmware: V2073.03
DSP version v2077.05

BMS firmware v1033.05

EDIT: I’ve confirmed that charge wattage starts fluctuating around 300W of AC load.

I was concerned that I had fried something on the Bluetti, now I’m convinced it’s a charge controller firmware issue.

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any further feddback / idea how to solve this issue?
kindly note that for my needs, not being able to charge the AC180 via generator in a reasonably quick time (1-1,5 hour), means that the AC180 has a very limited utility, not in line with its cost/price…

@NanShan I’m sorry I see your update till now. I will inquiry our technician. If I have any updates, I will let you know.

many thanks, looking forward to hear from you.

@NanShan I’m sorry according to the reply from our technician, your generator may not be compatible with AC180. If you’re interested in doing more tests, we can send you a software update to adjust the charging power to 500W. What is your opinion?

thanks for your additional support.
I agree with doing more tests, so please send the sw update to adjust the charging power to 500W.
many thanks

@NanShan The software update was sent, please check it.

noted, thanks.
I will update you after the tests that I will perforom in the coming days.

@NanShan Thank you so much.

Can I get the firmware that changed the silent mode to 300w?
it is japanese AC100V model.

SN 2317001118744
ARM v2073.03
DSP v2077.05
BMS v1033.06

@jack893 I’m sorry I don’t understand your meaning. Under the silent mode, the charging power of AC180 is 300W. There is no need to update.

My AC180 puts in AC260W. Can it be changed to AC300w?


@jack893 I am sorry. Under silent mode, the charging power of AC180 can reach 300W at maximum, but not always 300W.

made further tests with latest update (standard charge mode limited to 500W)
under “land grid” AC180 is correctly charging with a limited power (it charges at 550-560W)
BUT, again, when connected to the ONAN generatori grid, the power is not limited, it continues to raising up to over 1kW, that causes the disconnection of the charge :frowning:
honestly I do not understand how/why it is not recognizing the power limit…

@NanShan Did you turn on Grid enhancement mode?

no, the last time I forgot to turn on Grid enhancement mode.
will try again with this setting “on”, during the next weekend and will come back with the feedback

@NanShan Thank you. Waiting for your update.

@NanShan Hi, could you please share some updates?

many thanks for your interest.
I have not yet been in position to perform further tests.
I might be able in the next days.
then, I will promtly update you