Ac180 - big issues ! no automatic charging from solar, app, and display

@LN2023 OK. Looking forward to your update.

No, it does not work.
I unplugged and plugged solar panels back in and it woke up, started to charge at 137W (afternoon sun).

@VR23 Did you update the firmware to 2077.07? If no, please provide me with the SN and the firmware version and I will push the firmware for you.

@LN2023 I’m sorry to hear that. Let me check with the technician if there is further update.

So, this morning, my AC180 started automatically charging. All I did differently the evening before was that while the unit was completely off and no solar input (night), I reinserted the input plug. Nothing obviously happened because it was at night. Today, it started charging with only 10 watts of power at 75% state of change. There must be something wrong with the power sensors at the input plug or the mppt unit.

@VR23 The AC180 will automatically turn on and start charging if it has incoming power such as a solar panel. This is normal behavior.

Yes, and I have been having problems with that feature since I bought my AC180. I wrote the original comment about 2 months ago. I wanted to describe the weird behavior of the unit, but the automatic charging is still not working 100%.

Uploading info about my unit plus firmware version is 2077.06. If anything else is needed, let me know. When I check for updates, I am currently up to date with .06 version.

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I am having the same problem with my AC180. The unit does not power up by itself when solar is active. I need to unplug and reinsert the solar charge cable for charging from PV to begin. This obviously doesn’t work if I’m not there! My unit is AC1802319000605059 and my firmware version is 2077.06. I’d like to get the updated firmware to test. Thanks.

@VR23 @Rod Thanks for the information. The firmware will be sent in 6 hrs. Please update it to 2077.07 to test.

Hey @BLUETTI_CARE could you please flash that DSP 2077.07 update (and any other updated ones) over to both my units as well?
Serial Number #1 - AC1802307910071843
Serial Number #2 - AC1802318000746494


@m.briney OK. You will receive a firmware update in 6 hrs.

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@BLUETTI_CARE got it. Thank you. Is there any possible way for you to pass along to the powers at be… that it would be GREATLY appreciated for them to include update “release notes” within the app? Describing what bugs or enhancements have been made and dates for each release? This has been something alot of customers have been requesting for a long time. Thank you!

Same problem this morning after updating to new firmware. 78% charge, 49W.

@m.briney This has been fed back to the relevant departments, and I hope that it will be realized in the near future.

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@VR23 I’m sorry to hear that. The R&D department will do more tests. If there is a further update, I will let you know.

Greatly appreciated team!

Hi, I assumed that some versions of firmware worked in the past. If so, maybe Bluetti should roll back the firmware to version which had worked, so end users don’t have to deal with this bug for now.

I tried the 2077.07 update yesterday and it appeared not to work. It wasn’t in full sun so I don’t know if that would help. As usual the AC180 started up by disconnecting and reconnecting the PV input cable as usual.

I wonder if this problem relates to updated firmware to fix clicking relay when PV power was not enough to start the unit (at dawn or sunset). See this post: My AC180 makes strange click noises

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