Ac180 - big issues ! no automatic charging from solar, app, and display

  1. After the latest update of AC180 (around July 8, 23), the unit stopped automatically charging from solar in the morning when turned off for the night. I need to manually reinsert the plug, and then it starts charging. I bought 2 AC180, and the automatic charging from the morning sun is a must for me, and I believe for everyone else too. Why is it not working?

  2. Also, the app crashes when I am trying to connect to that unit - in off state.

  3. We need the option for the display to be permanently on as at AC200MAX. We do not care if there will be an increase in power consumption. It is up to the customer to decide how they want to use the energy, right?

I hope these very big issues will be resolved as soon as possible; otherwise, potential and existing clients will go somewhere else.


@VR23 I’m sorry for the inconvenience. May I know the SOC of AC180 in the morning? R&D can assess whether this issue can be resolved with a firmware upgrade. The option for the screen to always be on is now being implemented, and the APP will also update this function option simultaneously, but it is not ready yet.

Hello. So, this morning, the automatic charging was working. The only difference was that I unplugged and reinsert the charging cable from my solar during the night (0V coming in) and then I switched AC180 off. In the morning, it started charging automatically. I also installed the latest update, so I will do more tests now. I just want to make sure that I do not need to reinsert the charging cable every night to achieve the automatic charging in the morning when AC180 is off.

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@VR23 Thansk for your update. If you have further problem, feel free to let me know.

I am having the same problem. Is there any firmware update to correct this problem? Thanks.

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@LN2023 I have reported this issue. If there is any update, I will inform you ASAP.

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Thanks for quick response. Did this problem occur in previous firmware version ?

This morning, there is no automatic charge. I switched the AC180 off around 10pm yesterday. After reinsert of the charging cable, it started. The battery charge is 71%, input 130W. This has to be fixed asap.

What firmware numbers are you currently running on your AC180? If it is updated, the unit should automatically turn on and start charging when it senses incoming power… whether thats AC or PV/DC

@VR23 @LN2023 I’m sorry I didn’t receive other updates on this issue. But if there is any update, I will let you know ASAP.

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Thanks. Here is my info pertaining firmware

ARM v2073.03
DSP v2077.03
BMS v1033.06.

BTY, How do I update DSP to v2077.05 once I download it ? Thanks again.

@LN2023 Please provide me with the SN as well. Thank you.


It is AC1802316002450778.

@LN2023 We sent a software update for you, please test if it works.

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@LN2023 Hi, did you update the new firmware? Looking forward to your update.

Yes, I updated firmware but it still does not work.
I tried it twice by plugging in the solar panels at night but in the morning when the sun is up unit does not turn on.

If I unplug then plug connector from solar panel then the unit starts to charge. So the firmware did not fix this problem. Please advise. Thanks.

Linh Nguyen.

@LN2023 I will give feedback to our engineer. If I got any update, I will let you know ASAP.

@LN2023 Checking the upgrade record you have not successfully upgraded the software. Please update the firmware to 2077.07 to test.

@BLUETTI_CARE Updated the test firmware of 2077.07
The power is turned off, it will start automatically when AC or Pv input is applied.

I have never lost power due to consuming too much electricity. After turning off the power and turning on the power Auto-starting is convenient.
Thank you.

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Thanks for quick respond. Firmware was upgraded from V2077.03 to V2077.06 last time. Now it is in V2077.07. Will test it again.