Ac180 - big issues ! no automatic charging from solar, app, and display

@m.briney This has been fed back to the relevant departments, and I hope that it will be realized in the near future.

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@VR23 I’m sorry to hear that. The R&D department will do more tests. If there is a further update, I will let you know.

Greatly appreciated team!

Hi, I assumed that some versions of firmware worked in the past. If so, maybe Bluetti should roll back the firmware to version which had worked, so end users don’t have to deal with this bug for now.

I tried the 2077.07 update yesterday and it appeared not to work. It wasn’t in full sun so I don’t know if that would help. As usual the AC180 started up by disconnecting and reconnecting the PV input cable as usual.

I wonder if this problem relates to updated firmware to fix clicking relay when PV power was not enough to start the unit (at dawn or sunset). See this post: My AC180 makes strange click noises

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@BLUETTI_CARE After unplugging the DC7909, it takes 60 to 90 seconds for the PV input indicator on the screen to disappear. Is it possible to make the indicator disappear immediately?
Version is DSP v2077.07

@jack893 currently there is no new firmware for this problem. I will give feedback to our R&D department. If there is any update, I will let you know.

Hi, Is there a way to get old firmware installed?
I don’t want to unplug and plug my PV everyday to get AC180 charge.

@LN2023 May I know the old firmware your want?

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The one that worked before this updated firmware. Thanks.

I built this device to deal with the AC180 firmware bug. It cuts power in the PV cable for 1 second every hour, which causes the unit to turn on and charge from solar. Should run for many months on a 9V battery. Hopefully, doesn’t take that long to get a firmware update.


@LN2023 There is another firmware for fixing the problem of PV activation. Do you want to have a try? Or do you want to roll back to the old version? Kindly let me know your idea. Thank you.

@LN2023 Kindly check if you have received the firmware BMS1033.07 and I am looking formward to your update.

Thanks. Can you find out what is new in this firmware update? And have Bluetti checked this firmware out ? Thanks.

@LN2023 This new firmware is to solve the problem of PV charging not being able to activate automatically the next morning. We have tested it and some customers have tried it and it works. Please try it and let me know if it can fix the problem.

Ok, I will update to this new firmware.

hello. I would ask for the new firmware update as well. The unit data were uploaded already. Thank you.

Early this morning while the PV panels were still in the shade, the unit woke up (power button was green), 0 Watt input.
However I noticed last night that the bluetooth remained active while the power button was off (not green). Maybe because of this SOC dropped from 76% to 72% over night. Will update when I got more data.

Still in the shade and I got about 5-7 W coming in. Unit did not “wake” up under this condition of 7 W (in previous firmware). So this new firmware does work.
However it lost 46W (4%) overnight. I am sure this is excessive. I have a bluetooth (always on) LiPo battery and it lost about 1% (6.5W) when sitting alone over a period of 4 weeks.

I will collect more data and see if the old BMS firmware is more desirable. Thanks for your help.