AC Watts displayed wrong on EB3A

I have device based on documentation and also measured to be 30 W, but EB3A shows 42 Watts AC usage
another device based on documentation and also measured to be 48 Was, but EB3A shows 82Watts AC usage
Is the Power Station faulty?

No, but the meter is not instrument grade accurate and is also factoring in other things rather than direct load. I have rarely seen documentations stating load that is highly accurate and usually is showing max load only.

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Hi @dpls_e37

The EB3A shows more usage than the device actually draw because the internal electronics of this device also draws power. Expecally the inverter.

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From 48 to 82, a difference of 44 Watts/90percent higher seems rather high for me for either accuracy or internal usage. If true this would indicate a rather low build quality.

searching in this forum I found another explanation:
The EB3A seams to be measuring apparent power consumption using Volt-Amperes (VA) and not real power using Watts however displaying it as “Watts”

can you confirm one of these 3 reasons or is there something else?


@dpls_e37 According to our engineer’s reply, EB3A shows active power.

in that case I go with the very “bad build quality” answer,
as this means the display is off by more than 50%

I think the message is that the eb3a is displaying power consumed during the process (including the output) of supplying the ac output wattage. The actual power plus the power required to produce that power.

Except, when I use a restive load, it seems the value is almost as expected, but not with electronic devices

I suppose this resistive load is much higher wattage as well?

yes higher, but 367 vs 369, measured vs displayed is very close certainly less than internal usage

So it is only on the lower draw items that you are concerned with apparent inaccuracy of the displayed vs actual wattage draw?

No, this is wrong “only on the lower draw”, the fact that the numbers are like this was to show that the explanations are not consistent with acutal numbers and I had only these devices ready to use.

I am interested in the difference where it is more than to be expected with inaccuracies, whatever the wattage.