AC200MAX Incorrect power displayed

Displayed power is incorrect! When AC load is below 72w fan, Power display is always 0. When I powered on to my Aircon 0.75Hp and Aircon still Off, the power displayed reads 85w. When the Aircon is running on “Fan mode” the power displays 105w! I did same test with my AC180 and power displays correctly or should I say acceptable readings. What could be wrong? I have attached my FW version and the unit’s serial number. I hope that this can be resolved. The unit is just a month old and seldom used. Thank you.

The power Watts displayed on the AC200MAX is the Apparent Power, VA Watts. It does not display the Active, True Power, Watts, consumed from the battery in the AC200MAX.
NOTE: It is quite possible that all the Bluetti Power Stations, display Apparent Power, and not the Active, True Power.
On AC circuits understanding the interaction between Power Loads and Power Sources is a bit complex, loads on a Power Source can have Reactivate Power, VAR Watts.
Reactive Power, VAR Watts, does NOT consume battery power from the power source, but it is a property / quality of the load devices / appliances related to the Resistance and Impedance of the loads on the power source. This can cause a phase difference between the AC sinusoidal Volts, and the sinusoidal Amps.
There is a relationship between Apparent Power, VA Watts, and Active, True Power, Watts, and Reactive Power, VAR Watts. The relationship can be described by the Power Triangle below.
For my self, usually I measure the Active, True Power of a load (devices / appliances) using a Kill-A-Watt meter plugged into one of the 120 Volt outlets of the AC200MAX. See example below.

So are you saying that it really can’t display a an appearance power lower than a 72w true power?

See the photos I attached. True power below 72w is displayed 0 while a 5w load displays 89w???

This is so disappointing! I bought this model over the aC200p for the remote power and status monitoring but it does NOT give me good data.

My new AC180 can display a closer watt value and all two other models I have (EB3A, EB55)

Can someone from official BLUETTI reply to this?

Thank you!

(Have to delete 3 photos as I does not allow new user to embed more than 1 photo…. Wow, how can we get our proof of point across)

Wow, … No, No, in the Reply above no where says or imply’s that the AC200MAX display of Aparent Power, would be 0 VA Watts, for Active, Real Loads less than 72 Watts. … But says the interaction between power loads and power sources is complex. Due to the Reactive Power, VAR Watts, that power loads can have on the power source.
Yes, it would be nice if Bluetti would / could respond as to how the AC200MAX could possibly display / measure an Apparent Power to be 0 VA Watts, for any non-zero Active, True power Watts. Below are other examples of Active, True Power, Watts, loads measured via a Kill-A-Meter plugged into a 120 Volt outlet on an AC200MAX. Note, that some Apparent Powers, VA Watts are 0 VA Watts for non-zero Active, Real Power, Watts as measured by a Kill-A-Meter.