AC 300 Smart Home Panel

I need a straight answer, a lot of people do. Are you going to come up with a smart home panel for the AC300 for use in the US or not and when? We bought this system and then you discontinued the panel. Tell YOUR customers what is going on. If you don’t answer us, AC300 users need to dump Bluetti and go to your competitors.


@BLUETTI we deserve a clear and definitive answer here. At the very least, provide some guidance on proven alternatives. I’m stuck in limbo with a $14k investment because I’m not getting answers (like so many others).



Gotta say I am pretty pissed off at the lack of transparency here. This stuff isn’t cheap and I think people spending that kind of money deserve better support than a Chinese call center with zero actual knowledge of the products. I followed the manual for the ac300 and got the Reliance transfer switch and everything it shows. Now I’m seeing people saying not to use those transfer switches, even though Bluetti specifically tells you to in their manuals. If the system does not work the way they claimed it does, this is lining up to be a pretty good sized lawsuit. The SmartPanel was discontinued. I doubt they’ll ever tell us why or make another one. I will definitely be looking at EcoFlow for my next purchase. @BLUETTI


Hi there, I’m very sorry for the late reply due to the Lunar New Year holiday.
Yes, we are very sorry, our smart home panel has been discontinued. This is our recommended replacement that you can purchase on your own.

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Isn’t this panel causing the UPS issue when its plugged into grid power and the grid power goes out, the ac inverter shuts off? There’s quite a few people talking about this issue. Seems to be due to the floating neutral setup. I bought reliance 10 circuit transfer switch for my ac300 and now I’m reading a lot of posts about Bluetti saying now not to use them. If this system doesn’t work as advertised with that Reliance transfer switch, you guys might be in trouble.

Are you coming out with a replacement panel?

Please don’t worry, this will not cause UPS problems.
You mentioned about is the problem that happens when our machines are plugged into GFCI outlets, I can send you the document How to build a partial home backup system with AC300+B300 ( only for US standard) if needed.

@BLUETTI Please do. I am not doing split phase, just single phase. I have one ac300 and two b300 batteries. I bought the Reliacne Pro/Tran2 310 manual transfer switch thats shown in the manual. Please send me that document about a single phase home backup.

Meanwhile, there are several other people who have shared the same experience about any non gfi transfer switch and it not working properly.


@BLUETTI Could you share the document you speak of showing the US single phase home backup setup?

User Guide - BLUETTI (
under AC300 → How to connect.

This is the same thing shown in the manual I got with my AC300. The tt30 socket shown on page 6 is incorrect. The 30 amp charging cable has a L14-30 male end on it, not a tt30. This is what I originally said was incorrect in your manual.

@contem4 PDF files can only be sent via email (The forum does not support sending files), please check your private message.

@BLUETTI please send me the PDF. And for the sake of everyone else, post it somewhere and provide a link here.

@BLUETTI Please post or send me a copy of the install instructions for the EP500Pro and the 310A Pro/Tran2 you recommend as the replacement panel for the discontinued Bluetti Smart Home Panel. I will be installing my 2 EP500Pro units to it and my home solar arrays.
Thank you!

It has been sent to your email address. Please check it.

Hi Mike, File “How to connect the EP500 Pro to the US utility power” has been sent to your email address.
Please kindly check

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Thank you! I got it just fine.

@BLUETTI the diagrams in the guide show a “split-phase cable”, which gets connected to the transfer switch inlet on the R310A. There is no mention of the split phase combiner box (which is what I intend on using). Are there are any additional requirements with the combiner box in place vs. using a split phase cable? Does this have any impact to the grounding or neutrals?

Please send me information also as i have 2 ep500pro that i have been waiting for smart panel to come back into stock