AC 200 PL relay click-clack at dusk and dawn

I have two 430 Wp panels hooked to my AC 200 PL plus b210.

Every day, at dawn and dusk, there is a time of approximately 10 minutes, where I can hear a relay go click-clack every 2 seconds or so.
It seems the device is disconnecting from the PV when voltage drops below a threshold and then reconnects, because some voltage is building back up or so.

Does anyone have the same experience?

I am a little worried, that this overly frequent switching might prematurely wear down some component that is made for some thousands of cycles rather than millions …

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@Heiko Sorry for late reply.
May I ask if you have the US version of the AC200PL?
The DSP 209815 for AC200PL has been bulk pushed, please do the firmware upgrade.
As for the frequent switching you mentioned, that is the sound of the relay switching. The relay has a lifespan of 100,000 cycles, so you generally don’t need to worry :)

I’ve the same issue with my AC200L. Firmware is up to date. The clicking was discussed in another thread a month ago. (search ‘AC200L: PV relay click’) Thank you @BLUETTI , the relay lifespan is good to know, although not as reassuring as seemed to me at first. The relay cycles on and off approximately once every two seconds for ten or so minutes at dusk. That’s three hundred cycles. I leave my panels permanently plugged in, so (300 x 365 > 100,000) That relay is going to be end of life in less than a year. Less than six months, if it’s doing the same at dawn. (I haven’t yet checked)


Hi, thanks for getting back.
It is the EU version and its DSP is displayed as up to date with v. 2130.07.

Exactly. And if we assume, only 100 cycles twice per day and the relay lasts 50% longer than designed, it will give up just after the 2 year warranty. That would be the expensive worst case.

My S/N in case you want to push an update: AC200PL2402000187344

@Heiko Thanks for the information. I will check with the technician if there is new firmware.

@Heiko Please update the firmware to test.

Hi, sorry - I have not been home at my device before.
Please tell me how I can upgrade. When I go to the version settings tin the App, It is not showing me a new version or update button for the DSP.
It is still showing v2130.07
Cheers - Heiko

I’m having the same issues with my AC200L. May I have the firmware update that corrects this?

SN 2344001076179
BMS: (Application says “Version”)
ARM: v2134.04
DSP: v2098.10

Let me know if you need anything else.

New user here. Just purchased a 200L. Curious what firmware versions will be loaded on the unit I receive. As soon as it’s delivered, I’ll charge it up and then check them all.

Hi, I am still waiting for instructions how to update the firmware. I can’t find this in the app or in the manual.
The version has not changed by itself yet.

When using the app, click on your connected device. It will display what’s watts are going in and out, ac and dc. From there, click on the top right icon, then select firmware update. That is how it is on iOS and likely android too.

@Heiko Please check the below step:

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Thank you for the explanation. That is what I expected. However, in my App, there is no „Firmaware Upgrade“ entry, only one that says „Version“. And on that screen, there are no update buttons:

@Heiko It seems that you connected via WIFI or connected Bluetooth without logging in your account. Please check again.

I have tried all variants but I am logged in and usually connect via „cloud“.
Even now, when I am not home and using the app via 5g, I can see the status of my BLUETTI device. So I must be logged in, right?
Or is there any additional way to log in?

@Heiko Log-in is the first step.

I know that I need to be logged in the app.
And I am logged in. And I always was.
I just logged out and logged back in just to be sure.
And I am connected to my AC200PL via cloud, not locally – as you can see in the screenshots:

Are you sure the new firmware is really (still) available for my specific device?

  • Here is the S/N of the device: AC200PL2402000187344
  • And here of the communication box: IoT2353015328917