12v DC devices/accessories

I’m curious to know how people are using their @BLUETTI sogens (all models). Especially the DC uses (since more efficient than using the AC side). I’m not as familiar w/ things are available and good quality DC devices. Trying to rethink how i use power. Im hoping this thread serves as a place to share experiences and ideas on options that use the DC side. Hopefully there are others besides me who want to know how to best use the DC side of our Bluetti power.

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I’ll go first

I purchased this 12v blanket from Amazon to use with my EB55. It uses the cigarette lighter port. It has three settings and timer. For some reason i thought it would be bigger. Basically covers average sized adult, would cover the area similar to twin size bed.

Worked fine w/ the EB55, no issues. On Hi uses 60-64 watts(dropped to 56W after about 4mins. On MED it uses around 40 watts. On LOW it uses 25 watts. On HI it takes a few minutes to feel some warmth (unlike my experience w/ AC electric blankets that get very hot on HI in short order).

Not sure it would keep one from freezing unless had other covers or bag. Or get 2, one for the topside and one for the backside :wink:. Update: after about 10mins it gets pretty hot on HI. I would need to use lower setting if I kept it on.


I use a 12v refrigerator and usb fans.

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If I may ask, which 12v frig, which Bluetti do you connect it to and how many hours of power do you get? Estimated battery used?
Thanks for sharing.

This model: ICECO JP42 44.3QT 3in1 Portable Fridge Freezer |(Khaki)

I’ve never ran such a test, but I liked what I saw on hobotech’s reviews. Running it outside in the desert, I believe it drew 11 watts per hour, so that can run for a good long while on my ac200p.


11 watts an hour, that is great. I’ve been thinking abt 12v frig for power outages.

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11 watts an hour? (I assume you mean 11 watt-hours.) What was the ambient temperature when you checked that? I can believe it if the ambient temp was below 50F or so, but if it was much higher than that it’s hard to imagine.

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Watts per hour is the correct definition of energy consumption, just like gallons or liters per hour for fuel. A watt-hour is a unit of stored energy, so a freezer that consumes 11 watts per hour uses that exact amount of energy :11 watt-hours. Actually the correct unit of energy is the joule which is a watt-second. A watt-hour is equal to 3,600 joules.

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I’m just going off the top of my head, but it was something crazy low like that. Tested outside in the desert. Hot in the day, cold at night.

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I gave up in getting a DC cable for my EP500, so I bought a AC to DC 10 amp conversion device and use it to run my DC light and fans.

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Interesting. After you mentioning this I recall others have used a similar device (what is the name of the device you are using for the AC to DC conversion? ). I had not considered that as another ‘kinda’ DC option. What DC lights and fans are you using and are you happy w/ the performance of those devices? I can only imagine the power of an EP500 and the reassurance such a device can provide in a disaster.

I am concerned to hear your frustration regarding a DC cable for your EP500. Is this a DC cable available from @BLUETTI or just a cable you have not been able to source?

Here is the link for the RV led 12 volt lights:

Here is the AC/DC 12volt Adapter:

Yes, I love the devices and had no problem with over 10 units except for one light did not work.

The AC/DC 12 volt adapter is 12 amps so it runs all my lights and my USB fan.

I have tied one of the adapters to a 12 volt fuse box and then ran the wires to the lights so that the adapter is protect from any shorts.

I finally got my water well on the Fusion box and one EP500 on Master and the other EP500 in slave mode. But that is another story for the future.

Have fun Roxie60 with your setup.
Harlan (hey)

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I still have so much to do it seems overwhelming since planning (and executing the plan) takes back seat currently to family issues. But I’m grateful to those who share their experiences so hopefully I and others can avoid pitfalls and gather ideas that might improve our approach to using our bluetti power stations. I live in Illinois so I’m still trying to figure out how much power I need in case power out fir a week or two. If the grid goes down well then it will be up to God. So my plan is to target & test 3 days then do what is needed to have 2 weeks. Figure out power I need, not power I’m use to (we have been so blessed in the USA, I don’t take it for granted).

I’m going to look into both of those

I have a couple of those AC to 12 volt adapters. We have a couple of 12 volt blankets with low wattage that I want to use with my power stations if the power is out for a while when it is cold. I am also slowly introducing more 12 volt alternatives in the house for the same reason, as they tend to be more efficient on power.

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I’m still trying to identify more DC devices either w/ cigarette lighter adapter (that is what I’ve always called, is there a different name) or I think it’s called the 8mm adapter.

When you get a chance let’s us know what other DC devices you are trying to add.

Just to clarify the adapter you are using is 12A but the linked on is a 10A. I’m interested in low cost AC/DC but wondering if 10A would limit the variety of devices could power.

Anyone measured their AC/DC adapter output, I’m seeing various feedback that 10A rated actually struggles to power 8A devices? I’m sure this might vary by manufacturer but hope we can identify reliable add on.

Does anyone else label their adapters, getting so many adapters.

Hi @roxie60,

Sorry, cables for EP500 are AC charging cable and PV charging cable. There is no DC cable.

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10 amps, 12 amps is important on the devices that you hook up. I have bought many ac/dc adapters. I have a 30 amp one for my water pump and 8 amp for just lights only. So buy the unit base on the devices that you plan to connect to it.

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Ordered a couple of these

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