12v DC devices/accessories

I don’t label the cables directly. But I do have a dedicated zipper pouch for each different power station. I have 3 (soon to be 4 ) power stations (300Wh, 700Wh, 2000Wh, 4000Wh). Having different sizes gives me more options for specific use cases and provides lots of redundancy :slight_smile:

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Direct current devices are more efficient, smaller, and lighter with higher voltages. For the same power a higher voltage reduces current which uses smaller wires, saving copper and insulation weight. If these DC devices used 48 volts, that needs one quarter of the current, allowing much lighter wire and materials since P = V × I, so I = P / V.

Another great example is the A/C compressior in my Ford Fusion Hybrid. It runs on the 450 VDC of the HV traction battery so it is much smaller and lighter than a normal 12 VDC compressor in a normal car. My compressor contains its own electric motor and does not use a belt or pulley with a gas engine. So it operates even more efficiently than a home A/C compressor for the same amount of BTUs.

Future portable appliances will run on higher DC voltages and we will see new power stations that can supply those voltages.

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