1.3.5 IOS keeps crashing (like 1.3.4 did)

Firstly, thank you Bluetti for changing the app in 1.3.5 to have larger numbers again :slight_smile:

But, 1.3.5 IOS still keeps crashing 10x times / day on my up-to-date ipad, just like 1.3.4 did.

Before 1.3.4, it never crashed.

But with 1.3.4 and 1.3.5, the app simply disappears. No error, no warning, it just vanishes.
I’ve seen it happen while looking at it, and it just disappears and needs to be restarted.

Could you please fix it?

No response, Bluetti?
I haven’t a single response, even when I posted this about the prior version 1.3.4.