Zero Sampling Abnormal - EB3A ERROR NEED HELP (SOLVED =)

Hello, I ask for your help, I bought this device as a salvation from the cold. We have absolutely no electricity.

and today I decided to recharge using a 500 watt car inverter (actually, it probably gives out 150-200 watts)

after I turned on to check if this charging method works - nothing happened.

but a little later, AC UPS began to flash
1 socket 220 does not turn on
2 does not charge from 220

and there were errors in the application
1 Grid voltage low
2 Grid Under Frequency
3 Error - Zero Sampling Abnormal
and points 1 and 2 disappear when you connect to the power supply 220

and also I can not turn off the device in the application writes
Stop the grid input and try again

using the car cigarette lighter works and charges. and DC turns on so does the light bulb.

You should always use a pure sign wave invertor to charge the bluetti.

I’m not sure if it will show a warning if charged with a modified sign wave or if you could damage the unit.

Solved the problem. I disassembled the cover and turned off the power + - from the battery to the board. after plugged it in and it worked.

there is not enough main switch to completely de-energize the batteries for a reboot.

I will add that in this mode (with errors) the battery per night was 10%, it was 45% before disconnecting from the battery. when I reconnected it showed 25%. maybe it will help the developers.

just yesterday, looking for a combination of buttons to reboot, I found hidden displays on the screen.

1 if you press the top two buttons at the same time (DC + Light)
2 if you hold down the top right and bottom at the same time. (LIght+AC)

maybe someone knows what these combinations are and what they display.

Maybe my problem will help someone. because during the repair you will be torn off with a straight face for an expensive “component”.

good luck to all. believe in yourself)

I understand that I am one of 1000 - but maybe there is news when the goods will be delivered? SPF-EU-16706