XT90 to MC4 Cable

It looks like I have a bad XT90 to MC4 cable (as supplied with my AC200MAX), but before I ask about where a replacement can be purchased, I am wondering if this problem is of my own doing…

All winter we have been running 4 x 200w (12v) solar panels, in parallel, down to XT90-MC4 cable, then to XT90-‘Aviation’ cable and into the AC200MAX. Given the winter sun and less than ideal installation location, we usually only get about 200w input at best.

Is it possible, now with more direct sunlight and parallel configuration that I’m starting to see the amperage exceed the specs of the cabling and/or AC200MAX? Do I need to consider rewiring to all series or some series+parallel hybrid arrangement?

If none of the above is relevant, then I’m back to the question about a vendor of the XT90-MC4. Bluetti doesn’t offer it. Next (likely) dumb question… I see a lot of XT60-MC4 cables out there… assuming I’m running under 60a, could I buy an XT60-MC4 and XT60-XT90 adapter and install with confidence?

No, you will not harm the unit or cable by attaching more panels in parallel. The unit will only pull down as much current as it can handle, it will not over current.

I would go with the XT90 connector just for the added wiggle room and make your own if need be.