XT90- MC4 & XT90- Aviation Cables

Does anyone know where to buy the:

PV Charging Cable XT90-MC4 &
Multifunction Aviation Cable XT90-Aviation

Doesn’t show on the website. Without them you cannot charge via panel. Mine were damaged and I need to replace them. There’s absolutely no excuse for the lack of customer service. They are happy to sell you a product. That’s where it ends. I should have done better research.

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Would be interested in ordering the same as a spare in case anything happens.

check out amazon

Well there lack of customer service is costing them business. Hope I never have any serious issues with my AC200MAX or the B230s. As for not having the appropriate cables on hand. That too is inexcusable. I can’t even use my panels I bought.

Thanks Trojan. The first one should work. The second one is not XT90 so I don’t think it would work.

I got a response from customer service. They will sell the cables via PayPal. Their response below.

If you need to buy the XT90-MC4 cable and XT90-Aviation cable, sorry that we don’t have a link to sell them on our website.

But you can transfer money to our paypal account and then we will send you the two cables from our warehouse.

The price for XT90-MC4 cable is $20 and XT90-Aviation cable is also $20.

Our paypal account is: bluettius@bluettipower.com

Please provide us the transaction ID, the screenshot of the transfer info, shipping address (including full name) and phone number after you have transfered the money to our paypal account.

And then we will arrange the shippment for you as soon as possible, kindly hope you can understand.

Waiting for your reply!

Best Regards,


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Thanks for posting that. I may try that route if I can get them to confirm it. They have been big on asking for positive feedback after a purchase but not so good when it comes to service so far.

I am considering buying a AC200P 12V/25A RV Cable and attaching a XT60 male to XT90 male adaptor (XT60 Male Plug to XT90 Male Plug No Wires Adapter RC Lipo Battery | eBay). It should handle 60 amps. I would also have the RV cable. Any thoughts?

You can use DC Charging Enhancer (D050S) to charge via panels and also use it with B230/B300 batteries. Personally, I want do be able to charge either way or both ways at the same time.

Got my tracking number this morning. Supposed to have the cables this Saturday.

Honestly, Those cables are crap. The mc4 part is 16awg. It was costing me 20-30w when I used my bluetii pv350 panel. I bought that SA20 aviation plug from ebay and made my own. I already had 10 awg wire and mc4 connectors. Didn’t care about the xt90 on the 12v. If I ever need it, I’ll just cut the Xt90 off the 12v plug and put mc4 on it too.

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I contacted sale@bluettipower.com to purchase spare cables NOT listed on Bluetti website for my two AC200MAX Systems. ALL of the cables were $20 USD each with free shipping. I made multiple cable purchases both large and small for multiple complete sets for each AC200MAX System. I received the cables quickly. Payment for the cables was placed through PayPal.
Vanessa in sales was my point of contact. She was professional helpful and will guide you through the short process.