Wrong power station delivered!

@BLUETTI - I ordered an AC 200Max + B230 bundle, as well as a PV350 and a EB3A -after being notified that a delivery had been made I rushed home from work to find a single box with the WRONG power station - I received a AC 200P??

I have sent 2 emails included my email address and my order number - have not heard anything yet. I called the support phone number from the website and heard a message stating the voice mail was full so I could not leave a message…

Help! I really need to get this straightened out, quickly!

Hi @VoxMan , sorry for inconvenience caused. Please don’t worry.
Could you please share us your all order screenshots (including order number) and take a picture of what you received?
It would be great if we could get your email address for better communication.
We need the above information to be able to give you feedback on this issue with our support department.
Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation, and we look forward to your updates.

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My order (Bluetti-US39909):

Pictures of what I received:

My email address: young.tim@hotmail.com.

I am concerned with receiving the AC200P rather than the AC200Max I ordered.

I would like a RMA number to return the AC200P - and an estimated time of arrival of the AC200Max.

Thank you for your assistance! Please let me know if you need anything further.

Hi @VoxMan , We have submitted the status of your order to the support department and they will get back to you with a solution within 12 hours.
Please don’t worry about it, and check your inbox then. We apologize again for the mistake of our warehouse department sending you the wrong item.
Please accept our sincere apology.

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@BLUETTI thank you! I will look forward to the email!

@BLUETTI - Please also note that in addition to NOT receiving the proper power station - I ALSO did NOT receive the PV350 solar panel, nor the EB3A power station.

It has been longer than 12 hours and I have had no follow up from Bluetti.

I have not heard from anyone with Bluetti in several days. No one has emailed me.

Please, I need someone to contact me about this as quickly possible. I don’t want to dispute this charge.

Hi @VoxMan , Details will be followed up for you in the station letter. Thank you!

I have checked my spam and I have not seen anything from the email: service@bluettipower.com

I also checked my spam folder but I have not seen a ‘station letter’ ?

Please, I need some help.it’s been over a week and I have sent many emails.