Would 3 of these 200w solar panels be ok to use with the AC200max?

Link to full specs: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0323/4090/2025/files/200_Watt_Solar_Panel_09a80b5a-7613-489d-9f86-45ba8577a523.pdf

200w Monocrystalline Panels
Peak power (Pmax): 200W
Cell Efficiency: 23.52%
Maximum power voltage (Vmp): 37.9V
Maximum power current (Imp): 5.28A
Open circuit voltage (Voc): 43.5V
Short circuit current (Isc): 5.56A
Power Tolerance ±3%
Maximum system voltage: 1000V
Series fuse rating (A): 8
Number of bypass diode: 2

*I would like to connect three of these panels in series to power the Bluetti in my campervan. Based on the info found in the AC200max user manual, it appears that these would be ok, but looking for confirmation.

Thank you

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@Speakpixie No worries, your 3 solar panels can be connected in series to charge the AC200MAX.

Excellent. Thank you for the reply! This community has been so valuable in helping me learn about and understand the complexities of solar. Last night I started to wonder about the effectiveness of these particular panels due to what seems to be low maximum power current (5.28a) in comparison to other panels.

  • Is this a factor that I should be concerned with… or this where the support of an mppt controller comes into play?
  • Would purchasing 4 panels and wiring two in series and two in parallel be more effective?

Thanks in advance

The power station has a built in charge controller, so no external charge controller should be used :tipping_hand_man:
For this 200 Watt solar panels, 2S2P combination is ok, of course you have more PV charging power :tipping_hand_man:

You could actually run those pretty well in parallel too. If you ever wanted to expand your solar to 4 or 6 of them you could run them in series parallel.

Three panels in series = 3 x Voc = 130.5V @ 5.56A (so it’s under the 145V limit).
(Power = voltage x current, so 725.58 Watts)

Three panels in parallel = 3 x Isc = 16.68A @ 43.5V (over the 15A limit but they say it will only use 15A, so Series is better for more Wattage. (15 x 43.5 = 652.5 Watts)

For 4 panels:
2 in Series = 87V @ 5.56A (for 1 string)
2 strings of Series panels in parallel = 87V @ 11.12A BUT, the total Wattage now equals 967.44 Watts.
The specs says the unit has a 900 Watt limit, even thought the voltage and current are within the limits.

From what I know, the unit will only use 900 Watts, since that’s it’s limit, so you’re net gain is 175 Watts more, for adding 1 more panel wired like this. Of course, in the REAL world, you’ll never get the full wattage listed on any solar panel.

On a side note, there are plenty of other 200 watt panels at a cheaper price, especially on Amazon. (The vast majority of panels are made in China, with the same factory making them for different companies.) Of course for a campervan, you’ll want the most power from the smallest sized panel. Some commercial sized panels have the highest output per size, but are more expensive. I used to find them on my local Craigslist, so big I used roof racks on my BMW and they were almost as wide and long as the car. :stuck_out_tongue:

The AC200MAX will hold steady at a maximum of 919 watts. It will briefly flick above it (see my avatar) and then correct its self to 917 - 919. It’s hard to find these details online. Similar deal with the AC200P, but 200 less @ 720 watts.

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It was no doubt designed to be 900 watts, but in reality different components produced some variations. As long as it’s not LESS than 900 watts nobody will complain😛

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