Wiring in to Static Caravan consumer unit AC 200max

Good day all.I’ve had a 200max for a few months now. And really like it. I am staying mostly off grid in a static in the UK. The consumer unit is VERY straight forward, nothing complex, no separate oven or electric shower circuit as that is all gas. I have put a 13amp plug on a 2.5mm twin and earth and plugged that in one of the 4 240v sockets on the 200max and wired the other end straight into the consumer unit. It works extremely well. For a few days now ive had a couple of JA Solar panels which ive put straight into the 200max. Its easily generating enough to have a constant amount of energy.
My question is, am I missing anything that anyone feels is unsuitable or even dangerous. I cant see anything myself but so many of you on here have really great technical knowledge so thought I ask for your thoughts.
Many thanks in advance.:blush::raised_hands:t2: