Wiring from Solar Generator to Roof top Solar Panels

Does the subject wiring, per most code regulations, have to be inside metal conduit or can one just use “outside” standard wiring for such applications?

I am no expert, but as long as you conform to normal vehicle wiring stds. you should be fine. Metal conduit would not be required.

Ummm…let me clarify…I am referring to the wiring from the solar panels on a house roof to the solar generator inside the house.

Go to your state and county websites and look up code. Many refer to the IBC standards, but not all. Also look up IBC, lol. Know your codes for solar mounting

I should add, I’ve installed rooftop solar on two homes, one in CA and one in WA, and both required aluminum conduit. And you should have a ground if you don’t have one already.

So, if I understand correctly, if the solar panels are on the ground NO metal conduit is needed for the wiring to connect to the generator, but if they are placed on one’s roof (to hook up ONLY to the generator), then conduit is required?

It would all depend on local code.