Wireless phone charging not working on newly purchased eb3a

recently purchased the bluetti EB 3A, everything works but the wireless phone charger,my phone is compatable for wireless charging ,there is nothing covering the phone ,and both surfaces are clean, the unit is switched to DC , and i have placed the phone in every possition possible .

Hi @daz8 , have you updated to the lastest version please?

No because there is no tool on the app to do so,i have just come from your unit at bolsover and its closed

my sincere apology ,my phone does not support wireless charging i have found out .

The wireless charging is based on the “QI” standard that most Android makers adopted years ago, and now iPhones adopted. Just check your phone specifications for this standard. I began using it with my Samsung phone in 2014, adding a Qi pad inside my 2009 Chevy Equinox. This was many years before any car had wireless charging built in.

Be careful with thick phone cases since the induction range limit is a fraction of an inch or just a few mm.

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