Wireless charging of Android cell phone

How do I use the wireless charging feature on the Bluetti EBa unit to charge my Android cell phone?
Do I set it on AC or DC?..Do I need to set the cell phone on any type of setting to charge it via the wireless charging feature?
Is there an indicator on the EBa screen to show that the phone is being charged?

Hi @raulpad0910 ,
Wireless charging function does not require AC/DC setting.
Does your Android phone support wireless charging? If it does, just place the phone on the wireless charging position and it will be charged. If it does not support it, it will not charge.

I have to enable DC, as described in the manual.
The phone starts to charge automatically after placing the same to the marked area.

Thank you for your quick response. How can I tell if my phone Android phone supports wireless charging?

Thank you for your quick response and valuable information.

Hi @raulpad0910 , May I know what is the brand and model of your phone?

It is a T-Mobile REVVL 5G. Thank You!