Wire Size on Super DC 30 Amp Output

Hello all…going to use my AC200 Max in my Sprinter van buildout. Question…I will be running up to 14 feet from the AC 200 Max….I ordered a Super DC connector with cable and XT 60 plug just as a note of reference. It utilizes 12AWG wire….Will 14 feet be too much for 12AWG if I continue it to my DC Distribution Panel…?? Seems 12AWG is too small ? What would be my max wire run using 12AWG ? Thanks all :blush:

Welcome to the forum @Pierce1 !!
This little write up that @carlsgadunk did might help you out…

He used 10awg in WEIPU SA20 2-pin aviation plug.

Hope this helps and keep us posted with your final setup!! Looking forward to seeing it!

Thanks for your reply….how come Bluetti supplies the connector with 12AWG leading to the XT 60 plug ?? Seems it should be at least 10 AWG !?

Ive always wondered myself why they didnt size-up the wire gauge on it but I am guessing its probably because most people wont be running that 12v output but only a foot or 2 to their rv fuse block. “Normally” people have all their electrical components in one centralized location in RV/campers builds. I still would have preferred to see the 10awg but it is what it is.

And I think they chose to end it with an xt plug because they can be commonly sourced and “adapted” into other plugs such as an anderson connector pretty easily.