Wire gauge for PV350

I just received my 2 sets of PV350 panels. No instructions about wiring in parallel or series and gauge of extension wire to use. I’m assuming series is the preferred way. I would expect the charging adaptor pigtail to be heavy gauge but it’s only 14awg. Wiring on PV350s is heavier gauge but there are no specs printed on the wire. What should I order as far as extension? Max length I would probably order is 10-20 feet. I would expect some basic instructions on hookup specs.

Hi @bbboomer , Our solar panel comes with a 1.5M, 12AWG cable. MC4 14AWG.
If you need to buy an extension cable, buy 12AWG for 200W or more. 10AWG extension cord is also available for connection. Hope it will help :slight_smile:

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