Wire gauge for multiple PV350

I just received my 2 PV350 panels to go into my new AC200max. I think I need to hook both panels in series but there is nothing in the manual about what wire gauge to use. So I don’t know what to order. The charging pigtail is 14awg but there is nothing on the wires from the panels and they are a heavier gauge. I would expect that the pig tail should be the heavier gauge in case you have a lot of panels. What is so hard about a little documentation with the equipment? Anyway, help would be appreciated.

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Well they can’t really specify a gauge as you need to calculate that yourself - the length of cable you need is probably the biggest variable

See something like this Solar Wire Size Calculator | RENVU

Thanks. That’s a good start for me. It looks like 10awg should work using calculator

But I’m still concerned about the charging pigtail that comes with AC200max. It’s only 14awg. So do I need to run parallel instead so that the voltage stays equivalent to one panel? My open circuit voltage is 46.5 and voltage at max power is 37.5v. Short circuit amps is 10.8 and current at max power is 9.2amp

No, would be fine.

How long is your cable run - do you really need 10 AWG ?

No. If I’m understanding things better now. It appears that I over purchased PV350 panels. The charging port only has a 15amp maximum and two PV350 panels add up to almost 30A. This is what happens when you can never get through to sales to make sure a beginner like me doesn’t order the wrong configuration. Now I have an extra useless expensive solar panels that I can’t use.

Correction. 20A not 30A

My understanding is that when the panels are in series, you add the voltages, but the amps remain the same.

So you will have a current of 9-10A, but a voltage of 46.5 x number of panels

Which will be fine as long as you have 3 or less panels in series

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You need to connect your panels in series. The amps will remain the same as a single panel and the volts will increase. This way you can connect multiple panels and your wiring requirements remain the same as a single panel.

As others have said, panels connected in series add voltage. Panels connected in parallel add current.

You are all good to connect in series. The current will remain the same.

One more thing - you should always connect panels of the same voltage and current otherwise the calculation is more complicated

Thank you all for making my day. I appreciate all that responded to my situation.

Bluetti has great helpful communities here and on Facebook. There is a specific AC300 group on Facebook if you are unaware. Best of luck.