Wind turbines - Anyone used KiteX?

Has anyone used the ACP200 with a wind turbine? KiteX? Or any other? Thanks! I used the AC200P on my boat - works perfectly. But seeking a wind turbine to keep replenishing at night. -Mike

How many watts are produced at say a 15 mph wind?

I found one on AMZ that will generate about 180 watts in a 15 mph wind

Search for “SHZOND Wind Generator 400W Hybrid Wind Turbine Generator DC 12V Turbine Wind Generator 3 Blades 20A Wind Generator Kit”

At what voltage. If it puts out 12 volts you won’t see any more than car charge mode even in a hurricane.

I am thinking I would like wind back-up for night time as well. This is just for a chicken coop— (I don’t need a lot of power out there— just enough to keep the water from freezing and the light to come on to they will lay eggs!). Scott, do you know of any wind turbine, a smallish one like maybe for an RV that would plug and play with the AC200P?

I did find this forum— this thread is maybe a little helpful?? Wind turbine to Bluetti AC200P | DIY Solar Power Forum

Ok, so it is sounding like ideally, we need a turbine that has at least 35 volts but no more than 12 amps and 700w….
I am, just off the bat, not seeing any that aren’t also being sold with MPPT controllers and inverters, etc….

I have heard of no small or medium wind turbines that can actually charge a unit effectively in fact I have heard the opposite that none such exist. I have heard information that Bluetti is currently working with and developing such a system that may be out in the future

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Thanks Scott… it would be ideal if Bluetti made some kind of… adapter one could use to utilize wind with their currently generator. Or some kind of simple fix.
My issue is that I can’t always be there at the coop. It is a 10 minute drive, and I have to ski in the winter.
So, I could have 2 systems— wind and the solar generator, but if I can’t be there to unplug the heater from wind to solar and vice versa, it doesn’t work. I need to be able to plug it in and forgettaboutit! The wind… just acting like solar panels…. My array is only going to be used in the winter, is 720 w, in ideal sun, and the wind will MAYBE be 100w at 12V and 12 A….So, here is a question, if I DO get it figured out, I know not to exceed 12 A, but if , say, the sun is beaming and my panels are 720, ad the wind turbine is kicking in another 12V— will that 12 V even register? And will the Bluetti blow up with too much solar and wind?

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It is not a Bluetti issue. The issue is having a wind generator capable of supplying the necessary power in usuable quantities. For and decent charging you need 35 to 150 volts. 12 volt input is limited to car charging mode at around 100 watts (which is insignificant in this case) and it needs to be a steady voltage. Bluetti does offer a “Charge Enhancer” that converts an incoming voltage to 58 volts which you can then connect to the AC power brick charging connection and still be connected to your solar panels. The 12 volt input would still need to be fairly steady and you would be limited to a little over 100 watts…but you could be connected to the panels and this method at the same time. Here is a link to the charge enhancer (to allow duel input)

You still need to have a wind generator capable of supply sufficient power which has been the hold up.

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Thanks Scott Benson, I appreciate all of this information very much.
A lot to research and mull over.

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Interested to see how anyone has progressed getting a micro wind turbine set up with a ac200p ?

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