Wind Turbine charging feature

When the power goes out from a natural disaster such as hurricane, tornado, hail storm, ice storm, snow storm, volcano, wind storm etc… there is rarely good sunlight for some time…

The ability to charge from wind turbines, pedal generators would be great.

correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve been told you can’t hook up a wind turbine to a bluetti? is that true?

if so having that ability would be well worth it especially in a disaster situation.

Bluetti… What are your thoughts on including this feature on future models to support but solar and wind etc…?

This is coming out on either Indiegogo or Kickstarter any day. They show a Bluetti in their photos. I’ve contacted the inventor to ask a number of questions. I may be able to answer some if you have any. KiteX

I was looking into the KiteX product as well!

I also sent a “suggestion” to Bluetti about a possible wind turbine option. They said they would send my suggestion to their engineers.

Who knows what the future holds!

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KiteX made their turbine open source to allow others to make improvements. Maybe Bluetti can start there.

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