Will the Jackery 100w solar panel work with bluetti 120w panels? Will it work in series?

How doy you get text to your message. Been trying to for 2 weeks. I guess that’s what you get for spending $3,000 maybe some one can help me. I can’t get my 200 to charge at all moved from pv to car and back. I get no movement on screen. I am using blueitt 120 solar panel. Am 75 and have no tech experience. Will be going to 5 months in wilderness, and want to be 100% solar. Now I don’t have a lot of faith in bluetti,

The title of your post does not match your question, but you can connect your Jackery panel in series with the Bluetti 120 panel. You will need to purchase an 8mm female to MC4 adapter cable and then connect the MC4 connections of the jackery in series to the MC4 connections of the Bluetti panel in order for it to work. I am not sure of the exact voltage spec of the Jackery 100 panel, but both the Jackery and the Bluetti panel would still have to output a combined total of 35 volts minimum in order for charging to begin. The incoming voltage will be displayed on the AC200 screen.

If you are saying you are using a single Bluetti 120 solar panel and you are getting no charging it is because you are using a single Bluetti solar panel. The Bluetti AC200 requires a minimum solar input of 35 volts. A single solar panel outputs from 18 to 20 volts so you need at least two connected in series in order for charging to begin.

Here is the text from the operators manual that you received with your AC200 regarding solar charging:
Charging from the solar panels
Choose the solar panel with working voltage DC 35V-150V.
●Connect the solar panel to the product via solar charging cable included.
●Plug and play charging: it will start charging automatically after connecting the solar
panel to the product even it is off status.
● Max. current of the solar is 12A.

Since you single solar panel does not generate sufficient to be withing the charging voltage requirements of the AC200 you will not be able to charge with solar until you get another panel or more if desired.

I had the same problem at first. Then I realized one of the cables was not properly put together so there was no connection.

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