Will the AC360 start my sump pump?

I have a one horsepower sump pump that the manufacturer says requires 6000 starting watts. if I get the AC 300 will it start and run the pump? if so, will there be any negative impact long-term on the AC 300?

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The AC300 has a peak power of 6000W and a duration of 0.5s.
Your sewage pump needs a startup time less than 0.5s, so the AC300 can handle it.
I would recommend you purchase the AC500 combo (peak 10000W) instead.

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Thank you. What is the benefit of purchasing the AC 500 if the AC 300 will run the pump?

Because the AC3000 probably will not start the pump.

Is that based on experience with this model? Why did the Blueetti admin say it would?

I have no specific experience with your pump being used with an AC3000. But…logic would tell me that the startup electrical requirements of of 6000 watts for a non specified period of time is going to be a tough load for any device. If it were my money, I would purchase a unit that is not being overloaded twice its capacity but closer to the 6000 watt capacity to maximize its ability to start and run reliably. The surge ratings are only for a fraction of a second and without knowing exactly how long your 6000 watts is going to occur, I would err on the side of caution and inverter output capacity.

I cannot speak for what advice anyone gives other than my own.

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Do you have either the ac300
Or ac500? If so how do you like them? What do you dislike?

EcoFlow delta pro refurbs are only 1500 on eBay, and they handle up to 7200 surge so I’m trying to figure how to decide on a product

That 6000W surge is pretty high for the AC300, while the AC500 can handle it for 2 minutes.

I bought the AC500 because I wanted to be able to expand over time. I started with 1 battery and am now up to 6. If/when I buy a 2nd AC500 I can go 240V.

I’m close to being off-grid, except for central air/heat, which requires 240V. Otherwise the AC500 is powering the whole house, including a 10000 Btu window a/c, (and electric heaters in Winter.)

My neighbors are complaining about their $200-300 electric bills. Mine is $24/mo.

I should point out that my stove and water heater are gas. I’ll need 240v if I need to replace them with electric.

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