Will not charge

Well even after updating the DSP firmware this morning I’m still getting this when plugged in to mains power just keeps clicking on and off occasionally followed by a loud buzzing sound and the fan kicks in then shuts off again. 3-06 fault also Alarm of undervoltage which is strange when it plugged to 240v.

@KevinHan Can you go into your settings → firmware upgrade and read off what ARM and DSP your eb3a is currently running?? I believe the most current should be ARM-v2062.03 and DSP-v2056.12 If your units is showing different ones, its possible that @BLUETTI_CARE might need to flash over a firmware update to you?

Also.. with the unit sitting at 0%.. you might need to "jump start" the bms by charging it up with a DC or PV source for a a little while until the bms kicks back on.. You can do this by plugging solar panels (within the input parameters of course) or by car charging it with a cars 12v cigarette plug. And just for future reference, you dont ever really want your unit to sit at 0% SOC. Always try to either disconnect/turn off loads when it gets down near 5-10% or have a input source ready to get it charged back up right away.

Hope the "jump starting" of the bms works for you but please keep us posted!

Thanks for the reply.
DSP.v 2052.v10
Dsp was unpdated today from 2052.09

This unit i have was fully charged in preparation for an upcoming camping weekend placed it in the car swiched off, when i took it out of the car to use it it was showing zero and has not charged since either from car or solar thats from 10th to today. No idea what’s going on inside its brain.

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@KevinHan Ahh alright so what I would recommend doing (specially since you just updated the firmware as well…) would be as follows…

  • if its still powering on/displaying 0% (but not charging via AC wall charger) try charging it via solar or car charging until it gets above 5-10% or so (this will wake up the bms if the units sat at 0% too long),
  • then unplug the dc7909 charging input and connect it to the wall charger and let it go until the display shows 100%.
  • Then unplug the wall charger, and plug in a constant AC load such as a heater or office fan or something, and let it discharge until the unit displays 0% and shuts off the AC output.
  • Then unplug all loads/keep outputs turned off, and then recharge it back up to 100% with the AC wall plug.

    This 100%-0%-100% process is called a complete cycle and should re-calibrate the internal BMS. I like to do this every couple months regardless of it being used or not, and will keep the unit working as its suppose to.

    Fortunately with the eb3a and its ability to charge/discharge fast, you can get this process done pretty quickly and hopefully it will fix all the issues. Keep us posted tho!

@KevinHan The error code “3-06” means that it is almost out of battery. Please keep charging it.

just a quick update on my ongoing problem. Well it’s still the same the unit will not charge from solar, Ac or 12v. solar tried to charge but thus only lasts for a few seconds then drops to zero input even under full sun the same happen with 12v charging works for a few seconds then drops to zero input. AC charging is still zero input just clicks on to show UPS then goes off again on a constant loop. this unit I’m sorry to say is not fit for purpose as I haven’t managed to use it for anything except an expensive door stop.

Hi @KevinHan ,

we had a similar issue multiple times in this forum. I think its when the unit is on a point where the capacity was drained to much down and now its “below” zero.

Most of them can fixed it by leaving it for a couple of hours on the AC charger.



Well this has been on constant charge for well over 24hrs to try and get it to at least accept even a pinch of power but alas nothing, I believe the problem could lie with the alarm fault which is “under voltage protection” how can this be rectified if having 240v for over 24hra doesn’t even work.

@KevinHan Could you please send me the SN and the firmware version of your EB3A as well as some photos displaying the alarm so I can check more details?

Good morning.
The SN is EB3A2307004961254.
Firmware, ARM v2053.07
DSP v 2052.10.
Thank you.

@KevinHan The device needs to be repaired. Please contact the after-sale support to repair or exchange the device. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

thank you for your assistance with my problem, just had it confirmed that a replacement will be sent once I send over the information that they need.

@KevinHan Thanks for your update.

many thanks for your help with my faulty unit a new one arrived today fingers crossed it works fine I will try it out tomorrow.