Will Bluetti release Firmware updates for the AC200P?

My AC200P (great unit, I’m very happy) was unfortunately delivered as a 60 Hz unit, despite the fact that I am in Europe and need it to run 50 Hz.

There is no menu option to switch between 50 and 60 Hz (this was confirmed by Bluetti support already, they also told me the unit had not been released in Europe yet - which may explain the problems I’m having).

The display menu on my unit is slightly different from that of the AC200 (no P) unit seen in Youtube videos. Neither is there a way to switch between the US voltage and EU voltages nor is there a way to switch the frequency (50/60 Hz). It is stuck running 230 V at 60 Hz.

The unit itself claims to run 50 Hz, but checking with several certified multi meters, it has been confirmed operating at 60 Hz.

I can run a lot of my appliances at 60 Hz, but I actually bought the unit in order to be able to charge my electric car when it is long term parked in nature (trickle charging using solar panels). Unfortunately 230 V 60Hz is not a legal voltage here in Europe and my car simply won’t accept that voltage/frequency combination. This is not a ground problem issue (EV car people will know what I mean).

The question is: Will Bluetti release FIRMWARE updates to the AC200P units sold in Europe?

That way I could perhaps update the firmware (via one of the USB ports) and have the frequency reduced from 60 Hz to 50 Hz.

Other than that it is a great little unit. If the phantom drain (about 10% per day) issue is solved, it would greatly increase the usability.

Not sure about the information you received regarding having no menu option to switch the AC frequency. In the settings screen there is a line item that allows selection between 50 hz and 60 hz. I do see where there the only voltage selection is 100 or 120 though

Thanks a lot Scott for the quick answer and information. I’m sure it is relevant for a lot of owners. However, that part of the settings menu is not visible on my unit (AC200P EU-version). That is the reason I threw the question about a possible firmware upgrade out there. I can also provide proof that the unit is running 60 Hz.

There’s no “NEXT” button in my settings menu.

Wish I could be of more help. I was not aware there were different screen menus for different regions.

Hi again Scott,

thanks for answering, much appreciated. It seems as if they simply omitted the voltage setting from the menu in my unit. If you pick up any news regarding a firmware update possibility, drop me a line here.

Here’s my wish list for such an update:

  1. possibility to have a cumulative CO2 saved counter (right now it resets the counter automatically every day)
  2. setting option for AC charging level (i.e. to which charge state should the unit charge to using grid power - e.g. 75% - and possibly an option to chose when it should charge - so as to benefit from off-peak rates. Then we can solar charge during the day (for free) and off-peak charge at night (at low rates). Minimum level would also be great. I.e. do always charge from grid if charge level below 20% (or similar).
  3. third digit on the BMS reading (i.e. mV reading).
  4. setting for the temperature sensor/cooling. As I understand it, the unit keeps the battery pack at a certain (relatively high) temperature. Perhaps we could have an ultra eco plus mode (where the AC will deliver less power due to cold batteries). This might do away with the phantom drain (10% charge loss) at night.
  5. a timer based screen saver for the display. I’ve been working with this type of display and they tend to fail after some time.
  6. some way to interact with the unit should the display fail.
  7. a way to limit the AC charging voltage. The data label on the AC charger states 58.8 V (I measured 58.85 V on my charger - voltage at no load). There are 16 Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFE) cells inside. Each 40Ah. Each LFP cell should be charged to a maximum of 3.65V. Thus 16x3.65V = 58.4 V that should be the maximum voltage of the entire pack. Yet if the charger delivers 58.8 V, then there could potentially be a problem. Hopefully the BMS disconnects way before pack voltages of over 58.4 V are reached.
  8. perhaps a timer (say bi-monthly) that tells the users to fully charge and fully discharge the unit in order to calibrate the SOC (state of charge). That usually increases the available energy capacity of a battery pack.
  9. An option to automatically have the AC and DC outputs set to “ON” when the whole unit starts up. That would come in very handy in case the display fails.

Q: Has anyone tried to charge the Bluetti via a 12V PWM solar system charge controller using the 12 V car input? PWM can deliver a small charge even during extremely low light conditions when an MPPT controller will not activate. I live in cold, dark, cloudy, rainy, windy Scandinavia and quite often during our short 10 months of “not summer season” we have some dim light, just enough to squeeze a few watts out of modern solar panels, but not enough to trigger the 35V minimum voltage needed for the MPPT. This way one could get the best out of both the built-in MPPT and still use a USD 5 PWM solar charger at 12V for those gray days.

I think the PWM 12V output would work in car mode, but all the PWM controllers I have had needed to be connected to a 12 volt battery before the charging would begin.

If there is a firmware update PLEASE brighten the screen. Outside is a NIGHTMARE to read the screen… Love the unit but Screen is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. Should I say it one more time. HORRIBLE

OUTSIDE! outside is virtually unreadable

I have a similar problem, my unit has the same cut down menu’s as yours with the unit running at a displayed 220 volts, 50hz, (I checked with a meter and confirmed 50hz). I’m in the Philippines, purchased the unit here in the Philippines brand new, the Philippines is 220 volts at 60hz but there’s no way of changing it - the menu item, to select frequency is just not there. Really disappointing and unexpected problem. The manual even shows the screen with the frequency option but its simply missing on the actual unit. I also have a EB240, easy to change frequency with a few button combination presses but as there’s no hard buttons here, thats not an option one can try. If there’s no firmware update then this unit is not going to be of much use as I can’t run fridges or freezers here.

Oh, interestingly, the data plate on the back of the unit states output 50/60hz. But no way of selecting which one…

Got the below email response from Bluetti, obviously from China but the pertinent point is they say the unit can’t be updated. They say they will send me a replacement too, but obviously, thats not going to happen - but I wish. As I bought from their on line store here in the Philippines, and when I found out the problem with the units they are selling with a different firmware that does not allow the frequency to be changed, and wrong frequency for the Philippines, I gave a poor review - they ask me to change that but that would nt be fair to others here that buy and then find out its not suitable for the country its purchased for and sold in.


Subject: Re: Fw: AC200p Frequency Problem

Date: March 12, 2021 at 2:21:44 PM GMT+8

Dear Jeremy Williams,

Good day.

We are customer service of Bluetti Support Team.Our AC200P is 220v,it is high voltage 50Hz, unable to adjust the frequency.

We are really sorry that make you misunderstand due to our new customer service,she thought the item is 110v low frequency us version.

We hope you could forgive us.When we adjustment the frequency,we can resend you a new one.Could you kindy revise the negative feedback to be positive one?

Best regards,

Bluetti Support Team