Will 2 of these 545W panels be safe with the AC200P?

I live in a Northern climate where we get longer winters, and I was looking to buy some panels for my AC200P. I wanted to over-panel so I will be able to use it year round, and was wondering about these 545w panels

They’re pretty huge, and most people get 100-200 watt panels and hook them all up. But as far as I understand it, as long as you stay under the Open Circuit Voltage, you can exceed the wattage and amperage limits - as the unit will only draw 700 watts and 12 amps even if your panels are making more (like 1000w and 14a).

Is it safe to overpanel the AC200P with 2 of these 545w panels?

Yes, you should be fine with two of those panels.

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Hi @porscheguy19 , according to the OCV you provided, each panel is roughly 50V open-circuit, and two solar panels can be connected in series to charge the AC200P.
However, due to the MPPT limitation, the AC200P can only accept a maximum solar input of 700W. Hope this can help you

@BLUETTI When you say “the AC200P can only accept a maximum solar input of 700W.” Does this mean the MPPT will work with the panels being discussed but will only utilize 700W or do you mean that the panels should not be used because the wattage can be to high. I think you are saying it is fine to do but to not expect anymore than 700W of charging potential out of the setup as described.
Thanks for clarification.

Hi @MikeD , Yes, thank you very much for the explanation.
As long as it is within the open circuit voltage range, the solar energy panel will only be limited to 700W max input, no matter how much the solar energy panel power exceeds the maximum input value of the machine.

Your understanding is correct. Do not expect any more than 700 watts.