WiFi on the powerstations

I have only a EB3A and a AC200MAX. So I can’t speek for all Bluetti powerstations. My powerstations have a bluetooth connection. That is ok. But the always for login asking app is not ok. I don’t want to login somewhere. But that is not the point. Powerstations would get more and more solutions and work at homes and mobile homes (and ships). To integrate the powerstations in the smart area of home or mobile home it would be good to have a WiFi connection (without cloud!). Working as AP and settable to fixed or floatable IP address. And have a settable MQTT connection to speek all states and values and read all controls (switches). I think Bluetti should think of that for the nearest future. I would be glad if my powerstations would have that yet.

Hi @sigi-und-so

You already can inplement your Bluetti Powerstation in Home automation. You cant use Wifi, just bluetooth for it.

Have a look in this project:



Thanks erik. I know that.
But bluetti should have a look in the future.

After confirming with the relevant departments: subsequent new BLUETTI machines will consider adding the WiFi function you mentioned. But AC200Max, EB3A, the two older models probably won’t get the relevant updates.

Thank you for the info. Sigi