Wifi connection

I’m not able to connect the Wi-Fi on my AC300. Just Bluetooth. Using my iPhone 12 Pro Max. Whenever I try to connect to the Wi-Fi isong 2G. It automatically brings me to my settings within my iPhone. And I’m not able to enter the Wi-Fi information to connect to the Wi-Fi on my AC300. What can be done so I can connect to my AC300 via Wi-Fi? HELP!!!

@Mansah Please try to reconfigure the network, and try to turn off and then turn on the WiFi of the machine display again.
Generally the display of WiFi off and then open it can be connected.

Hi @Mansah

You need to connect to the same Wifi as the AC300 Unit should be.

If you are connected to “Wifi 1” and you want to connect the AC300 to “Wifi 2” it just redirects you to the iPhone Settings.

Had the same Problem, this solves it for me.

Just @ selfmadestrom when you need any further help!