WIFI connection drops without cause

Why does the WIFI drop unexpectedly on the AC300?

This is so frustrating because I have two of these, one of which is a 2 1/2 hour drive away at my office. Literally all I have to do to reestablis a connection is to turn the WIFI off at the AC300 panel and back in, and the APP shows the AC300 is back online.

Bluetti needs to fix this! While the AC300 seems reliable, if I can’t see it in the app then it is NOT!


Have you updated the Bluetti AP to version 2? I did and I can see my AC300s from far away online. The new version has many more functions added to it.

Please refer to the replies in this thread.

WHile this will resolve the issue at my house, I cannot fix this in my office wich is over two hours drive away. This is probablamatic because we must know that the Bluetti is working to backup our vaccine refrigerator which houses $250,000 worth of vaccines that a tenperature critical.

We cannot restart or reconnect or upload firmware remotely. These make Bluetti a risk for us. I monitor temperatures of both the freezer and refrigerator using Netatmos where I can see the actual temperatures and that is the only sure way I can know that the Bluetti is working.

This is not a “we’ll fix this in the future” issue. This needs to be the priority for your software app development. So far, app upgrades have added NO functionality. You’ve just been trying so many different user interfaces approaches.

Please fix this. Make the Bluetti rebootable and reconfigurable in all aspects remotely. Fix the WIFI issue. Please create a log that we can see of all functions that can be viewed even without being able to log into a remote Bluetti.

We stand to lose a LOT if your solution fails us.


Ron Smith, MD

Until the app was updated to v2.0.2, I had no problem accessing my AC300 and 2x B300 either via WiFi or Bluetooth.
Since the update I can only access it via Bluetooth.
I am prompted to reconfigure access to WiFi.
The entry page says: Only 2.4 GHz WLAN is valid.
My router is a 5 GHz device
What did the developers of this app do.
Do they want to keep users busy for hours without success?

@ronsmithmd Can you provide us with your AC200MAX SN code? I’ll have the relevant engineer push a firmware optimized for remote connection to you.
But you still need to be close to the machine and use Bluetooth connection when upgrading.

Please try to close and open the machine display WIFI, reconfigure the network.
WiFi can only be 2.4GHz.
If you could also provide the SN code, I will ask the engineer to push an optimized firmware to you.

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WLAN cannot be configured via the AC300 user interface
You can only enter and save the WiFi password on the app.
You get the message: WiFi saved and you can remotely control the BLUETTI device.
App start: “click” connection method cloud and again the window with the prompt to reconfigure W-Lan.
This is an infinite loop
I don’t want to make any changes/experiments to my router, because so far I haven’t had any problems with the WLAN connection to my other connected devices and settings.
As an attachment I send you my pictures of APP Infos, AC300 + 2 x B300 and configuration of my PC and my network.

I would be very happy if your support could help me.
Kind regards

Please check the private message as the attached cannot be displayed. Thank you for your cooperation.

I have 2 AC500 units and I’m also experiencing loss of WiFi. It’s annoying to have to physically go to the unit to fix. The app should allow you to do everything that can be done at the unit itself.

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I have a question: is the problem with the app, version Android 2.0?

Open App > Connect to Bluetooth
Top right - Settings > About device
It is displayed:

  • Serial number of the device

  • Communication board SN

  • Network status

  • WiFi name

  • IP address: !!!

  • Server connection status: Not connected !!! cannot be corrected (changed).
    Is that why I can’t access the AC300 with WiFi.

The IP address of my router is:

If that’s the reason, can you please fix the bug and send an update release?

Best regards

Update to version 2.0.3 - no improvement.
Still no wireless connection possible.
Entered the password several times - only connection with Bluetooth possible.
Settings: router IP address is displayed and cannot be edited.
What an embarrassing app and no solution is offered by BlueTTI

@K_Winterhalder I’m sorry I can’t open the product info you have provided, could you please provide me with the SN, firmware version?

Seriennummer des Geraetes: 2225000863371
Kommunikationsplatine SN: 2224000857987
IOT Version: v9014,10
ARM Version: v4037,05
DSP Version: v4036,02

The WiFi connection is now working
The problem was your misleading instruction about the network configuration.

You write: “Please enter your WiFi password”
This is a totally wrong instruction. :-1:

Correct is: Please enter the WPA number (network key) for your router. :+1:

I entered the key to my router and then immediately had the WiFi connection with your APP.
FRITZ!Box Router 7530 FR _ WPA number: 9704 9618 1106 8973 8022

If you write this in English in such a misleading way :face_with_spiral_eyes:, then I am not surprised that many people have this problem with the W-LAN connection. :woozy_face:

Klaus Winterhalder
15. June 2023

@K_Winterhalder Thank you so much for the information provided. Regarding your opinion, I will give feedback to our R&D department.