Wieviel Watt verbraucht das AC200P

Wieviel Watt verbraucht das Bluetti im eingeschaltetem zustand. Ohne dass ein Abnehmer eingeschaltet ist!
Oder wieviel Watt muss das Solarpanel liefern damit AC200P nicht entladen wird?
How many watts does the Bluetti consume when switched on. Without a customer being involved!
Or how many watts does the solar panel have to supply so that the AC200P is not discharged?

With the unit and the AC inverter turned on the AC200Max (sorry, I don’t have data for the AC200P) but nothing plugged in, it uses 16.43W or less or around 394.32Wh a day. A 100W solar panel in ideal sunny conditions can produce 500-600Wh a day.

Credit goes to Jeff Hagen from the Bluetti facebook group for the 16.43W data point.