Why locking my thread when missing b300s battery not sent?

I ordered ac500 and b300s battery on indiegogo.
My contribution number 84.

Bluetti sent 1 pallet with only ac500 on it on dec22. There was no b300s battery.
I asked the delivery guy 3x is there another parcel. He said NO. 1 pallet only and on the box it says 1 of 1

I keep asking bluetti support where is my b300s battery.

They send me the tracking id for the 22nd of dec?

Now locked my thread. ?

Are you guys going to find my battery and send it?

What is the point of sending me the tracking id for the 22nd of december?

Where is the b300s battery?

The ac500 is unusable without the battery.

Please resolve asap.

Should UK customers have their b300s battery now or not?

Looking at the tracking details it says 1 mini pallet 60kg

There is one box containing the ac500 the sticker on the side of the actual ac500 box itself say 1 of 001 weigh 60kg.

This box i dont think weighs 60kg?

So i know some people said they got their batteries separately by up to a week but we are 3 weeks now ans after weeks of asking bluetti their final solution is simply to send me the tracking ID for the delivered ac500 and nothing about the b300s battery?

What could be the issue? Is the battery

A. Missing in transit
B. never sent by bluetti
C. Other issue

Anyone else in UK had ac500 and b300s battery delivered yet?

Thanks ?

Crowdfunding @ bluetti contact email never replies the only mode of contact is actually this forum

Has anyone had a battery delivered at the same time as ac500 inverter?
Did the stickers on the boxes say 1 0f 001. Or say 2 of 002?

Getting a simple answer from bluetti crowdfunding email support is impossible they do not reply.


after calling the delivery company they confirmed by looking at images their end thar there was only 1 box on the pallet.

So this is exactly what i received. 1 x ac500 box

No b300s battery is here yet?

When can i expect the b300s battery to be delivered?

I mean if the battery hasnt shipped as yet and im not have supposed to have received it yet then that is fine. I was more concerned the shipping company had lost it.

I asked for battery shipping info and bluetti sends me tracking for ac500 that i already have received that was what had me more concerned.

Any info on how much longer before i get a battery to operate the ac500 would be appreciated.


Noted, I am checking with you again with my colleagues in the crowdfunding department.
When I receive a reply I will pass it on to you promptly.

Thanks, that will be great.

Thanks bluetti my battery arrived now :slight_smile: