Why I chose to power my house with Ac200 Max

It can be done, but it would be better to use Victron Multiplus system.

Would be done right, clean, safely and professional. Cheaper.

The only extra cost would be the size of battery bank you want.
Panels are required for both cases.

If you already have a battery bank, then it a better price.

This is not a complete all in one. You would still need a MPPT controller as well for PV input.
Not a big deal if you are going DYI.
I would probably do something different from the Bluetti if I was to do it again.
Just not reliable as it is today.

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Very clean and compact for switching system (UPS) between grid and backup (battery bank/Solar/alternator/generator). Seems what most want these days. They are trying to do this with Bluetti stuff.

You need to size the solar charger according to your solar panels setup, so having the solar charger separate give you the opportunity to match.

The bluetti limits your voltage to 145, but for homes you need more. Even in large arrays on RV will need 250 vdc. My 3 x 400 are 48vdc each, over 150 volts and worse during winter.

I would add a victron lynx distributer for the battery bank (nice and clean, safe looking.)

Of course if you want to harness your vehicle alternator, you will need to add dc to dc unit.

As you mention, it not as easy to do all of that with Bluetti and I don’t see it as more cost effective.

One could go crazy, add more then bluetooth, wifi, internet and all sorts of monitoring sensor, auto switch gas/dieel/propane generator off and on. They all talk together.

I got the ac200max for portable emergency/standby, to power essential devices/appliances when needed. But okay for RV too, just easier to diy the rv. Less tinkering every time you go off grid with the rv.


There are other unit, Such as EG4 3000 and EG4 6500, that have solar charger included. They have 500 volt PV range verses 150 on most other.

Victron, the feature that stand out the most, it is a true UPS system.

For insurance, always best to get approved UL devices, just listed is not good enough.

Hey @andrew6103 - thank you so much for your video. This is pretty much the same plan I have but I am just up to installing the transfer switch.

Also my home is a bit bigger than yours so I don’t think I will be able to run everything but my goal is to run some of it off the grid.

For me the reason was not really cost. My electricity prices seem to be cheaper than yours. It was however for reliability. In the past couple of years I have gotten more and more bad weather that has taken the grid down for days at a time.

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No problem. I’m glad you enjoyed this video. Take as much off the utility company as possible. Like you said maybe not all but some.

Does the AC200Max charge connected batteries at the faster rate?
AC200Max 900 Watt Max
B300 200 Watt Max

Will the AC200Max charge all at the same time? Not same wattage…

Hi @sentinal , If you want to charge the two B300s through AC200Max, you need to plug the adapter jacks of both B300s into the AC output port of AC200Max. We recommand that you charge the B300 directly via wall/solar power.
If you mean that the AC200MAX is connected to the B300 for charging at the same time, the higher voltage will be fully charged first.

Hi Andrew,

I,m planning exactly the same. Here in Germany, prices explode and Grid gets more unstable.

I‘m just afraid that Ac200max will not last for more than 4 years of 24/7.

What are the others here in this community think. Is the inverter and electronics of Ac200max made for a continuous operation?

Nice but not working solution. :slightly_frowning_face:
failed their internal firmware update and now I have a 2K$ 20kg brick that I can put over my neck and and drown myself… FAKE company, DUMMY product, unexisting support…
BINGO!!! very nice product to own :)))

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If I connect a AC200 MAX to two B300. The B300 can only charge at a MAx 200W for PV.
The AC200 Max ca charge at 900W for PV. So if I have the three connected together do I charge all three using the 900 W PV?

You can charge the b300s with the ac200 max. The b300 can also be charged with an additional 200 watts each while still connected and charging from the ac200 max. Kind of confusing. Each B300 has its own built in mppt charge. Controller. So you can have a solar array for the 200max at 900 watts and another solar array 200 watts for each battery.

Wow I like your setup…:smiley: