Why does AC500 Have 14-50 & L15-30 Plugs?

File this under ‘explain like I’m 5’…

If the AC500 only offers 120V, why does it have 14-50 and L15-30 plugs which are typically used for 240v? I get the TT30 but why bother with 240v plugs if the unit can’t do 240 on its own? Are the two hots legs of these plugs both energized but on the same phase, similar to a cord with a bridge?

Use case just FYI: AC500 plugged into L15-30 interlock switch on main panel, no sub panel, currently used with portable generator during power outages. Breakers are marked for the essentials only. 240v load/breakers would be turned off. Hope is to allow home to remain with essential power over night without needing to run generator all night long.

Here what Bluetti ad says “Now, you can get rid of the messy adapters. In addition to L14-30 and TT-30, the 50A NEMA 14-50R, with 5000W power, is specially designed for campers, DIYers, RV travelers, etc.”
I think the design stinks, what a waste of space and weight just to satisfy RV campers.

Hi @cdetdi , AC500 supports dual firewire 240V split phase mode. (Available in low voltage areas only), you can refer to below image :blush: