White AC50s Pics & Review

Good Starter Solar Generator

The Bluetti AC50s in white is a refresh of the classic AC50 line-up. This new color is designed to more easily blend into your existing decor. Overall this is a solid unit and a great option for someone looking for their first solar generator ​

What’s to love:

  • 500wh battery capacity
  • 300 watt AC inverter
  • Plenty of USB charging ports
  • 45 watt power delivery port
  • Usable LED lantern (versus a flashlight)
  • Wireless cell phone charger
  • Regulated cigarette outlet port
  • Rechargeable via solar panels, your car’s cigarette outlet, and AC adapter
  • All cables and chargers are included (minus solar panels of course)

What’s less desirable:

  • Fans are eager to run constantly when charging or powering anything

Wish list:

  • Lithium iron phosphate battery cells
  • Actual percentage charge on the screen
  • Stronger AC inverter (ideally 500 watts)

This unit is currently priced between the Bluetti AC30 and the Bluetti EB70, appropriately so, but the other two options use lithium iron phosphate cells. Lithium iron phosphate cells are safer and last more cycles (but weigh more). Depending on your budget, I would consider the Bluetti EB70.