Which product to use for automatic backup power for aquarium pumps?

I need something to provide automatic backup power to my aquarium pumps when power dies and I’m not home.

Can y’all help me understand how a Bluetti works when the utility power cuts out? Can it be left plugged in for charging, and simultaneously provide power to devices?

Can a Bluetti device work as an automatic backup for my aquarium pumps? Can I leave the pumps running from the Bluetti when utility is working, and then have the battery automatically kick in if utility power dies?

I don’t need instant or “uninterruptable” power. I just need to be able to leave the pumps plugged into the Bluetti, and it will automatically keep providing power without me having to manually move any power plugs.

I’ve looked at UPS devices from APC and Tripplite, but they don’t seem to have much run time for the money, and they don’t always list their KWh ratings.

I have a large aquarium in my home. The fish have sentimental value, not to mention actual dollar value.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @GreenLantern

do you still need help with your topic?

If so, do you know how much power your pump draw? There are multiple Bluetti Powerstations with built-in UPS function.