Which one is best for a self made campervan, AC240 or AC200MAX?


I’m getting confused…

As an alternative (with solar panels) for a self made electrical system in my selfmade campervan, I wanted to order the AC240 because this newer, compared to the aC200MAX.

I want to use it also for a 12v compressor fridge and maybe som other 12v devices.

Now I noted the AC200MAX has two 12v outles but the AC240 doesn’t seem to have them. The AC240 has an RV Port…

Which type do you recommend in my case?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


Hi @ChristopheL69

For what i can see for the US Model of the AC240, it have two 12V Outputs. One is 12V 10A and the other is 12V 30A. The EU Model seems to have just one regular 12V 10A Output.

AC200Max have many 12V outputs with different outlets. Cigarette lighter port (12V 10A), DC 5521 (12V 10A), aviation port?! (12V 30A). Alternative you can buy a device that converts AC 110V/230V/220V etc. to multiple 12V Outputs.

Really up to you, what you prefer. Fot the AC200Max, you need to buy adapters to use all of them with a Cigarette lighter port and for AC240, you need a solution that converts AC to DC 12V.